Rahul Panicker vs Akash Kumar: The most awaiting match-up in Indian Arm Wrestling

Rahul Panicker vs Akash Kumar
Rahul Panicker vs Akash Kumar will finally take place at the 44th IAF Nationals in Hyderabad

The match-up between Rahul Panicker and Akash Kumar is one of the most awaited match-ups in Indian Arm Wrestling. The pair have been scheduled to collide numerous times before, but the match-up has never come to fruition either in super match set-up or in the National championship.

Rahul Panicker is one of the most dominating 70 KG Arm Wrestlers in India and he is a 10-time Kerala State Champion, 8-time National Champion, and also a champion in the UAE. He is known for his aggressive top roll and he became a worldwide sensation last year when he defeated Larry Wheels in an Arm Wrestling match.

Rahul Panicker vs Akash Kumar

On the other hand, Akash Kumar is a very well-known Arm Wrestler both in India and internationally. Both Akash Kumar and Rahul Panicker are currently in Hyderabad for the 44th Indian Arm Wrestling Federation Nationals. Akash Kumar who used to compete in the 70 kg category has moved up to the 75 kg category to compete against Rahul Panicker, who is also coming in a similar weight.

Akash Kumar vs Rahul Panicker showdown to take place in Hyderabad

The match-up between the two pullers will take place in Hyderabad at the Arm Wrestling Nationals. In a recent interview with Arm Wrestling Newz Hindi, Akash Kumar revealed why the match-up between the two has become one of the most awaited match-ups in the Indian Arm Wrestling set-up.

The match between me and Rahul Panicker has become one of the most awaited match-ups in India. In 2019, me and Rahul could have pulled if I had participated in the IAF Nationals. But because of certain circumstances, I couldn’t go there and now three years have passed and I have tried to arrange a match against him, but the plan didn’t come to fruition.

But now after three long years, I am finally going to pull him and before the nationals, I got to know that Rahul qualified in the 75 kg category in his state championship and he will be participating in the Nationals in the 75 kg category. It came as a shock to everyone as he is the 70 kg champion and I was also preparing for the 70 kg category, but after hearing the news, I also decided to compete in the 70 kg category.

I have always wanted to pull him and I don’t know what the result is going to be, but I am just happy to be able to compete against him,” Akash Kumar said.

The pair have also registered for the Pro Panja League’s Ranking tournament taking place in Gwalior from 22nd July to 24th July.