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From Rags to Riches : The Growth of Teen Patti from Mumbai Streets to All over the World

Teen Patti is without a doubt one of India’s all-time greatest card games ever. It originated in India and is usually compared to the Poker card game. There is a lot of optimism for Teen Patti, considering the nature of the game. It is indeed a simple card game based on random chance which is quite similar to poker.The Teen Patti card game is otherwise called the Three Cards and was an integral part of Indian culture. Teen Patti was a game close to the heart of Indians and was played especially during the five days of Diwali festival. The game slowly began to travel from its roots in Mumbai and Goa to Southeast Asia through migrants. Bollywood made a movie based on Teen Patti in 2010 which attracted worldwide attention and was a major reason behind the uprise of the game to other parts of the world. 

Teen Patti used to be the crowd’s favorite in the streets of Mumbai and was extremely popular in India. The secret prospect of the Indian community is being well known across the globe through online casino websites. Indian’s used to play Teen Patti with their friends and family on several occasions, But, things have started to change now and in order to play Teen Patti you need to go online and choose the preferred online Teen Patti game from there. The online version of the Teen Patti game erases all the issues that were present in the past. The online version enables limitless gaming compared to the original Teen Patti game. 

The Growth of Teen Patti

Teen Patti used to be the premium Indian casino game for many years. The rules and tactics of the game were orally shared through generations and the game was highly cherished inside the family. The game was played inside the family with the family members enjoying the game of chance. The online version of the Teen Patti game has opened doors for a rapid growth of this local game into becoming truly international. 

The most significant transformation that can happen to any game could take many generations, but the crucial point is that internet gaming has provided a starting point.

Teen Patti is a game that is strongly associated with the rituals of India and their culture and that aspect has helped in the acceptance of this game into others as well. The historic popularity of this game is the primary reason for the online platforms to stimulate more investments through this game. It has attracted a wide range of population including the youth who hold a larger share of the mobile market in the nation. 

The internet gaming industries have now formed a certain framework for this game that allows them to sell this game all over the world and this in fact results in the widespread acceptance of this game that is  originally from Mumbai. The new technological evolution that we get used to through the media, allows us to think that the world is getting closer together. The highly efficient smartphones that allow high speed internet gaming is one of the major reasons for the widespread acceptance of online casino games like Teen Patti. 

Will Other Indian Games Follow The Same Footsteps?

There are quite a number of games in general that follow Teen Patti. People began to explore more and more games with the increase in usage of online casinos and the fact that we are connected to each other through the internet proves that everything can be shared online according to our interests. 

Andar Bahar is very close to Teen Patti being the second most popular among all classics in the Indian gaming industry. The growth of Teen Patti all over the world assures games like Andar bahar to be explored by more people online. The exposure that the online casinos provide to such games ensures that more games will be present online for ensuring an ultimate gambling experience. 

Teen Patti was already popular in India and the popularity is only going to rise with the exposure that the game has received. Soon, we may see the game take  over the world in the coming years and set side by side with the likes of Poker. 



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