Pro Panja League kicks off a media frenzy in Assam


The world’s biggest armwrestling league i.e The Pro Panja League finally hosted it’s first ever event in Assam. It was a special moment for the armwrestlers in India as the league offers the armwrestlers a way to become professionals in India.  With the arrival of Pro Panja League in Assam, the local armwrestlers are filled with enthusiasm to be able to take part in the world’s biggest armwrestling league.

Pro Panja League co-founders Mrs Preeti Jhangiani and Mr Parvin Dabas were also present in Assam to promote the game in the State. They also attended the Pro Sports Festival North East where the Pro Panja League game was held at the LNIPE complex at Sonapur, Guwahati.

Before the event began, both the co-founders were present at the RG Baruah Sports Complex for the media briefing where the duo also promoted the upcoming season of the Pro Panja League which will air on Sony Sports Network from 28th July to 13th August.

Armwrestlers from Assam will be given the biggest opportunity of their lives to compete in the inaugural season. The state has two champions in the Pro Panja League. Jagadish Baruah, a Digboi native was crowned as the 100kg champion and Guwahati’s Chetna Sharma was crowned as the 65kg champion at the ranking tournament held in Gwalior last year.

There was a media frenzy following the visit of the Pro Panja League founder and the successfully concluded Pro Panja League matches at the LNIPE complex in Sonapur.

Pro Panja League’s co-founders were seen giving interviews to leading state news agencies. Notably The Assam Tribune, East Mojo, Sentinel Assam, Prag News etc.

The Assam Tribune added that the efforts of Pro Panja League’s co-founders will make the sport of Armwrestling popular across the country.

The Assam Tribune, Pro Panja League
The Assam Tribune coverage of Pro Panja League

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The Sentinel carried the co-founder Mrs Preeti Jhangiani’s message where she stated that Assam has good talent in Armwrestling.

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In an interview with EastMojo, co-founder Mrs Preeti Jhangiani praised Assam’s armwrestling Chetna Sharma and stated how the armwrestlers from Assam are extremely strong and capable of winning at the international level. As a president of Maharashtra State Armwrestling Association, she stated that she believes in promoting the athletes and making them the representatives of the sports taking a dig at federations that treat athletes as second class citizens.

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Prag News, which is Assam’s leading news channel also had the opportunity to interview Mrs Preeti Jhangiani, where she appreciated Assamese culture and even stated that she would like to make a movie on Armwrestling.



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