Pro Panja League Co-Founders Parvin Dabas and Preeti Jhangiani head to Guwahati for Pro Sports Festival North East


Pro Panja League co-founders and Bollywood actors Mr Parvin Dabas and Mrs Preeti Jhangiani will be travelling to Guwahati as the city hosts the very first Pro Panja League event in Assam. Pro Panja League is organising it’s event in partnership with Pro Sports Festival North East.

Pro Panja League owner Mr Parvin Dabas had been hinting about organising an event in Assam for quite some time now as the state has been producing some of the best Armwrestlers in India. With the arrival of Pro Panja League in Assam, the local armwrestlers are filled with enthusiasm to be able to take part in the world’s biggest armwrestling league.

The Sports India Show had the opportunity to chat with Pro Panja League founder Mr Parvin Dabas ahead of the big event. Mr Dabas, who is also visiting Assam for the first time revealed that he plans to organise PPL matches all over North East India.

I am really excited to be going to Guwahati for the first time and also PPL is going to be in the North East for the second time, we did a small promotional event in Sikkim last year.

This is the first time we’re doing a big tournament as part of the Pro Sports Festival Northeast with Mr Rajib Paul and it’s great to be doing such a huge tournament over there. From what I have heard there’s a huge turnout of athletes already. So it’s great to see the enthusiasm of the athletes in Assam and I really look forward to being there and I know that the NorthEast is a very special region for us. There’s a lot of very strong athletes who come out of the Northeast and we want to keep doing more shows in the North East, hopefully next time even in Mizoram, Meghalaya Or even Arunachal Pradesh. Every part is in our list to do a show in each state. So we really look at this as a jumping off point. Sikkim was just a warm up and this will be the real tournament starting point. So we look forward to being there.

Some of our star players from PPL are from Assam like Chetna Sharma, Tridip Medhi, Siddharth Malakar and Jagadish Baruah. So I look forward to seeing all of them perform over there. They have got a huge following amongst athletes and it’s great to see a huge turnout come because of their dedication,” Mr Parvin Dabas said.

Pro Panja League matches will take place at the LNIPE in Sonapur on 23rd May, 2023.