Pro Panja League Champion Arya P secures a World Championship Medal in Turkey

Arya P, Pro Panja League, World Arm Wrestling Championship, Turkey, Kerala

Pro Panja League’s 55kg champion Arya P has secured a Bronze medal at the World Arm Wrestling Championship taking place in Antalya, Turkiye.

Arya P won the Bronze medal in the under 55 kg Youth right-hand division. The 43rd edition of the World Arm Wrestling championship is taking place in Antalya almost three months after the Pro Panja League Ranking Tournament which took place in Gwalior in July. Arya P had previously won in the 55 kg category of the Pro Panja League ranking tournament, which was also the largest Arm Wrestling Tournament in Asia.

Arya P had to pull Arm Wrestlers from four different countries to win the Bronze medal. In the opening round, Arya P took on Dana Assanova of Kazakhstan. As the pair joined hands in the opening round, the match went immediately in the straps as their hands slipped. While in the straps, Arya displayed her total dominance as she flash-pinned her Central Asian opponent.

Arya P, Pro Panja League, World Arm Wrestling Championship, Turkey, Kerala

In the second round, Arya P took on Ukraine’s Veronika Piatnytska. The match ended in a similar fashion and this time, we didn’t have to go into a strap match as Arya pinned Veronika comfortably in the first attempt.

In the third round, Arya took on Turkiye’s Derya Aceren Caglayan. However, this round didn’t go Arya’s way as she was pinned immediately by her Turkish opponent and she ultimately had to be settled for a Bronze. Darya, herself had previously lost to Kazakhstan’s Diana Tyukova after committing two back to back fouls in the previous rounds.

The Sports India Show had the opportunity to speak to Arya P immediately after she won a Bronze medal.

I feel so happy and proud at the same time,” Arya P told us in a statement.

Arya P hails from Kerala and Jojy Eloor who heads the Kerala Arm Wrestling Association has been doing a lot to promote the sport of Arm Wrestling in the state. The Indian Contingent has been taken by the Indian Arm Wrestling Federation.