Pro Panja League 2020: Sunil Kumar is focusing on ‘Mind Power’ ahead of the Finals


The first ranking tournament of the Pro Panja League that took place last month was a massive success. Arm Wrestlers from 15 states took part in this tournament.

The league took place at the Thayagraj Stadium in New Delhi on 29th February.

Arm Wrestlers from Punjab performed exceptionally well in this tournament. We had the chance to talk to 100 kg Gold Medalist Sunil Kumar.

We talked about his experience in Delhi and his preparations for the upcoming finals.

1) How are you doing, a few weeks on from winning at PPL 2020 preliminary rounds?

I am doing good right now. Staying inside because of lockdown otherwise doing regular workouts at home.

2) Has life changed for you after the win? If so how?

Yes, my life has changed after winning a gold medal at Pro Panja League. Now I can call myself a professional Arm Wrestler. I praise God for winning this medal.

3) How are you preparing for the PPL finals and are you doing any special training?

No, I am not doing anything special for the PPL Finals. I am concentrating on my thoughts and my mind power.

4) Any specific player that you are looking at as a major competition for yourself at the finals?

No I don’t have any particular player in mind. I am training hard because I know whoever comes to the table is ready for me, So I have to be ready for him.

5) How do you think the pro arm wrestling scene in India can be further made more popular?

Yes, I think we should go to public places and show the matches to all the people so that they can learn more about Arm Wrestling and try this sport themselves.


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