Pro Panja League 2020: Parmeet Singh: Now I can proudly say I’m a ‘Pro Arm Wrestler’


The first ranking tournament of the Pro Panja League that took place last month was a massive success. Arm Wrestlers from 15 states took part in this tournament.

The league took place at the Thayagraj Stadium in New Delhi on 29th February.

Arm Wrestlers from Punjab performed exceptionally well in this tournament. We had the chance to talk to 60 kg Gold Medalist Parmeet Singh.

We talked about his experience in Delhi and his preparations for the upcoming finals.

1) How are you doing, a few weeks on from winning at PPL 2020 preliminary rounds?

I am doing good but right now I am slightly out of touch from the gym workouts because of the lockdown situation.

2) Has life changed for you after the win? If so how?

Yes, it has. I was playing in a professional league for the first time and I am so happy. I am the current champion in the 60kg category and it was my dream. Now I can proudly say that ‘I AM A PRO ARMWRESLTER’.

3) How are you preparing for the PPL finals and are you doing any special training?

Yes, of course, I am giving more time to gym activities. I was under special hard training but right now it has halted because of the COVID-19 situation.

4) Any specific player that you are looking at as a major competition for yourself at the finals?

No! No! No!. I love Arm Wrestling from the bottom of my heart. My life revolved around this sport. I am always ready to compete against anyone in my category.

5) How do you think the pro arm wrestling scene in India can be further made more popular?

I want to thank Pro Panja League from the bottom of my heart for this amazing stage and a great event. I hope they give me more opportunities to professional athletes like me. So I find it best when you are asked to fight a super match representing a particular team against a player of the opposition team and accordingly you select the best team in the end. Well, I find this method best which can really make the game more very popular.


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