Pro Panja League 2020: Incredible ways in which professional arm wrestlers train their arm strength


Around the world and especially in the Indian subcontinent, the sport of Arm wrestling is very popular among the smallest group of friends to even the extent of professional tournaments all over the globe. We, Sports India are organising the inaugural Pro Panja League 2020, and the tournament will see the most elite arm wrestles competing with each other for the ultimate glory. A sport which is dominated by sheer forearm strength, there are several methods the pros use to increase their vigour. Lets check out some of those tactics.

1. Pull ups:

Pull ups are the single most effective method for bodybuilders, power lifters and athletes to increase their upper body strength, which mostly includes back and forearm muscle training. In case of arm wrestling, regular pull ups are crucial for training your forearm muscles, especially the pronator teres muscle, located on the anterior side of the forearm. A strong pronator muscle results in having a stronger forearm, thus being very effective in arm wrestling. Pros even perform the pull ups with an added weight, usually hanging from their waist or legs, to make their pronator muscles even stronger.

Pull ups (or weighted pull ups) are crucial to increase forearm strength. (Image Courtesy: Brute Belt)

2. Wrist Flexion:

Wrist flexion or cupping means to bend your wrist inward and trying to touch your wrist with your fingers. While it depends on the flexibility of one’s wrist, training to flex your wrist helps tremendously in overpowering your opponent in arm wrestling. Pros often use the method of hook technique, a crucial tactic to overpower your opponent. Flexing your wrist makes the opponent open up his bicep, which is as effective way to defeat them.

Wrist flexion exercises help in the hook technique. (Image Courtesy: Voice of Armwrestling)

3. Tendons and Ligaments:

While growing out your forearm muscles are necessary to excel in arm wrestling, training your arm tendons and ligaments are equally important. As professional Canadian arm wrestler Devon Larratt says: “Muscles are the movers, but connective tissues (tendons and ligaments) are everything that holds you together.” Having huge muscles mean nothing if you don’t develop strong tendons and ligaments.

4. Less Weight, More Reps:

From body weight exercises to weight training, pro arm wrestlers focus on a balance of explosive strength and endurance. While having straight out explosive power is important, keeping a hold on that power is what matters in battling it out with your opponent. So for pros, the focus is always on the endurance. For this reason, they use a lower amount of weight and do more repetitions per set. They perform various forearm exercises such as wrist curls or reverse barbell curls with low weights, but with a high number of reps, ranging from fifty to even one hundred.

5. Isometric exercise:

The best way to train for arm wrestling is not to do pushing or pulling exercises, but to do  isometric training. Isometric exercise means to keep a muscle under static contraction, which is exactly what happens in arm wrestling. The opponents apply force on each others’ arms, and they try to hold that force in one place until one’s arm falls out. For this reason, the pros need frequent training in isometric exercises, such as holding heavy barbells or dumbbells in one place. This keeps the forearm muscles under contraction, and developing the muscle fibres over time to exert the ability to hold heavy weights.

Isometric weight training helps in static holding of a weigh. (Image Courtesy: Getty Images)

6. Wring out a cloth:

The twisting motion of the wrist proves very useful in arm wrestling, and to train it, the bet go to method for the pros are to do the wringing out a cloth or a towel. While there are no options to overload the weight involved in anyway, prolonged training over a period of time increases the wrist’s twisting power, which is an effective way to dominate your arm wrestling opponent.

Training to wring out clothes helps in a stronger twisting ability of the wrist. (Image Courtesy: DLD Running(

The online registrations for this event is ongoing and can be done here. Additionally, the on spot, registrations for the tournament can be done on 28th February at the venue in New Delhi. The tournament will begin at 4:30 pm and the entry for the event is free.

Pro Panja League Ranking Tournament takes place at Thyagaraj Stadium New Delhi Feb 29th 2020 4:30-7 pm. Be there!

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