Pro Panja League 2020: Chetna Sharma: ‘More arm wrestling tournaments need to be conducted in India!’


The first ranking tournament of the Pro Panja League that took place last month was a massive success. Arm Wrestlers from 15 states took part in this tournament.

The league took place at the Thayagraj Stadium in New Delhi on 29th February.

Arm Wrestlers from North East made their presence felt in this tournament as they managed to grab 4 gold medalists across all the categories in the league.

Pro Panja League and Chetna Sharma

With ranking tournaments over, we had a chance to talk to Women’s 65 kg below gold medalist Chetna Sharma, who hails from Assam.

We talked about her experience in Delhi and her preparations for the upcoming finals.

1) How are you doing, a few weeks on from winning at PPL 2020 preliminary rounds?

I am doing good, Thank You. Just concerned about the current situation of India (Coronavirus).

2) Has life changed for you after the win? If so how?

Yes off course. I have started to see myself as a pro arm wrestler. And I am more motivated to workout.

3) How are you preparing for the PPL finals and are you doing any special training?

I am preparing well and yes I have started working out more than usual.

4) Any specific player that you are looking at as a major competition for yourself at the finals?

No specific one because arm wrestling in India is growing and every woman arm wrestler is a real challenge now.

5) How do you think the pro arm wrestling scene in India can be further made more popular?

By conducting super matches between players and conducting more tournaments.


First ranking tournament of Pro Panja League a grand success: Check out the full results