Pro Panja League 2020 Athlete profile: Vanramnghaki


The inaugural Pro Panja League is set to take place at the Thyagraj Stadium in New Delhi on 29th February 2020.

The best arm wrestlers in India are going to take part in this tournament. Arm Wrestlers from every nook and corner of the country will touchdown in the national capital for the prestigious Pro Panja League.

The registrations for this event is ongoing and can be done here. On spot, registrations for the tournament can be done on 28th February at the venue. The tournament will begin at 4:30 pm and the entry for the event is free.

Ahead of the tournament, official partner Sports India Show reached out to Vanramnghaki, 80KG silver medalists from the 2019 Nationals so that our readers have full information about the top Arm Wrestlers competing in the PPL.

1) What’s your name, age and where do you come from?

My name is Vanramnghaki and I am 30-years old. I am from Aizwal.

2) Which weight category do you compete in and which is your competing arm?

I compete in the 75 kg category. My competing arm is my right-hand side.

3) When did you first start arm-wrestling and which was your first arm wrestling tournament? How long have you been competing at the National level?

I competed in my first arm wrestling in 5th B.Lalthlengliana Memorial Open Arm Wrestling Championship on 25th January 2019. I have competed at the National level for the past year. I won a silver at 80kg category in Bhilai last year.

4) How would you describe your approach to arm wrestling?

My friends invited me to play and I really like it too and I started playing
I prepared a lot for this upcoming league, I trained myself a lot and maintained my body fitness too.

5) What is your goal in arm wrestling? Is there any arm wrestler that you admire?

My goal in arm wrestling is to become a world champion. I really admire my Coc Lalruattluanga as he is a good man to imitate.

6) Is there is one Bollywood character that you most relate to or admire and why?

I really admire and like Priyanka Chopra as she had the determination and she fights for her life and she reached her goal. I like everything about her.

Pro Panja League Ranking Tournament takes place at Thyagaraj Stadium New Delhi Feb29th 2020 4:30-7 pm. Be there!


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