Pro Panja League 2020 Athlete profile: Ashish Mehta


The inaugural Pro Panja League is set to take place at the Thyagraj Stadium in New Delhi on 29th February 2020.

The best arm wrestlers in India are going to take part in this tournament. Arm Wrestlers from every nook and corner of the country will touchdown in the national capital for the prestigious Pro Panja League.

The registrations for this event is ongoing and can be done here. On spot, registrations for the tournament can be done on 28th February at the venue. The tournament will begin at 4:30 pm and the entry for the event is free.

Ahead of the tournament, official partner Sports India Show reached out to Ashish Mehta, 55KG Gold medalists from the 2019 Nationals so that our readers have full information about the top Arm Wrestlers competing in the PPL.

1) What’s your name, age and where do you come from?

My name is Ashish Mehta. I am 22 years old and hail from New Delhi.

2) Which weight category do you compete in and which is your competing arm?

I participate under 50-55kg weight class for both Left and Right Arm.

3) When did you first start arm-wrestling and which was your first arm wrestling tournament? How long have you been competing at the National level?

I started Armwrestling back in my college days in 2015. Initially, it was just for fun but gradually it turned into a passion. The first professional championship match was back in 2015 when I participated in Delhi state championship and bagged silver in left and bronze in right-hand 55kg senior men’s category. I made my debut in National championship in the in 2019 and by gods grace and hard work of my coach I bagged Gold in left-hand men’s 55kg weight class.

4) How would you describe your approach to arm wrestling?

I am very passionate about the sport of arm wrestling. This sport gives me vibe no other sport can give. Arm Wrestling is not only about the strength, but it also includes combination of patience and skill. My elder brother (coach) Mr Arvinder Pal Singh and my club Lions empire sports club who taught me the ABCD of Armwrestling keeps me engaged in different functional training to make sure I’m always ready for what’s coming ahead.
As far as for Pro Panja League me and My coach we both are working hard enough day in and day out consistently to make sure we give a hell of a show to viewers and bring home gold.

5) What is your goal in arm wrestling? Is there any arm wrestler that you admire?

There is only one dream that I want to achieve is to bring gold for our nation in world games and make our nation proud and let the world know that Indians are the real deal. Denis cyplenkov is my favourite arm wrestler.

6) Is there is one Bollywood character that you most relate to or admire and why?

If I were to relate my self to some Bollywood celeb it would be Akshay Kumar as for him fitness and his daily life routines are a priority and he is also considered as a man of his words due to his punctuality.


Pro Panja League Ranking Tournament takes place at Thyagaraj Stadium New Delhi Feb29th 2020 4:30-7 pm. Be there!



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