How Pro Panja League raked in 126 Million views to become the biggest Arm Wrestling organisation globally


In the past few years, the sport of arm wrestling or “Panja” has seen a massive rise in popularity in India, and the primary courtesy behind the age-old sport gaining limelight goes to Pro Panja League.

Launched in 2019, Pro Panja League has gradually become the biggest Arm Wrestling organisation globally. The league has hosted multiple tournaments and ranking events across India, with arm wrestling stars from all corners of the country participating in the matches.

Aside from its continental feats, PPL has also gained a substantial international following, and in the recently concluded Pro Panja League‘s ranking tournament in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh from 22nd to 24th July, none other than global arm wrestling icon and 18-time world champion “Monster” Michael Todd graced the event with his presence.

Pro Panja League, Gwalior

In the midst of its monumental success, Pro Panja League has also been hitting milestones on social media. The league has marked a massive fan following across multiple social media platforms, and the participating athletes are also enjoying online fame.

PPL’s monthly engagement on Instagram doubled from June to July and for the same in the month of August, the engagement on Instagram surged to a gargantuan 1,255,460. On Facebook, the engagement hiked up to 45,532,946 between the 5th of August and to 1st of September. Pro Panja League’s Facebook page has raked in 46.3 Million views since the ranking tournament with a whopping 8688% increase in engagement.

Coming to YouTube, PPL’s subscriber base has jumped five-fold since the ranking tournament. The views jumped up to an astounding 16.3M, along with, 147.3k watch hours. As of today, PPL’s Youtube Channel has garnered 27 Million views and 255k watch hours.

Overall the Pro Panja League has raked in 126 Million views across all of its social media platforms since July 21.

Aside from the league itself gaining such a massive increment in followers, the Pro Panja athletes have also gained huge popularity on both Instagram and Facebook.

Athletes like Chetna Sharma and Parmeet Singh have raked in 111 Million views amongst themselves and have emerged as massive stars amongst the social media viewers. Amongst them, Sachin Goyal and Rahul Panicker have emerged as the most popular Pro Panja League social media stars with a huge uptick in the number of their followers. 

The media coverage received for Pro Panja League was also massive. Altogether, 80 online media and 23 print media carried the news from the Ranking Tournament. 9 International media houses also covered the Ranking Tournament.