The Most Predictable Football Leagues


Discussions arise among bettors about which league matches are easiest to predict. After all, profit depends on it. Users often choose football for placing bets, as the number of analytical materials, news and TV shows about this sport is large. Because of this, it is more efficient to analyze players’ condition, motivation, and goals for a match.

Finding an online bookmaker is not a problem today. The main thing is that it is a reliable and licensed service. 

Yes, there are many international brands, but Indians prefer those that target the local market. That is why portals such as Betway betting section, 10Cric, Rajabets sportsbook, PokerMatch India, Sona9, Betbarter odds, and others are favorites among users. 

Today, bettors can bet on the minor leagues of Germany, Ukraine, England, and Sweden, the championships of Kenya and Uganda, youth championships of different countries, and much more. 

At many bookmakers, any exotic is available, but it is unlikely that you can really earn a lot through betting at such tournaments. 

Undoubtedly, theoretically, you can successfully bet on any league if you devote a lot of time to it and study all the specifics. But there are football league tournaments that can be called the most promising for most bettors. Several factors influence this:

  •     value of coefficients
  •     rich line
  •     low probability of fixed matches
  •     availability of information

 Experts have prepared a selection of the most profitable football betting tournaments for you. 

English Premier League

First of all, the English Premier League bettors are attracted by the favourites’: stability, high performance, and competitiveness in the league. In addition, the Premier League earns the most, and no team will ever risk its reputation for participating in any fixed match. Backstage games are definitely not about the English Premier League.

 Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham… where else do six teams compete for the championship yearly? Although sometimes not only six, as the incredible history of Leicester, which became the champion, proves.

The main advantage of the Premier League is the availability of information about this league. On the Internet, you can find any information about the squads, injuries, conflicts within the team, the club’s financial problems, and other information that could potentially affect the result of the match.

Spanish La Liga

The Spanish Championship, according to experts, is one of the most easily predictable in the football world due to the stability of club results. There are home teams here that perform strongly, mainly at home stadiums. There are grassroots and top teams, in the games of which there is a high percentage of bets on the total. 

A separate part of the Spanish Championship is Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atlético, which give more or less predictable results when they are in good shape. In matches where these clubs participate, bets on goalscorers work well, especially since they score a lot.

The conditions for betting on La Liga are not bad at bookmakers; information about teams can be easily found, which is helped by the mega-active Spanish media. In general, Spain’s championship is considered a good betting tournament.

Italian Serie A

There are many stereotypes about the Italian league, the main of which are a large number of fixed matches and low performance. It used to be so, but Serie A today is an entirely different tournament, which is being revived every year and becoming more attractive for football fans and bookmaker players.

The competition is increasing in the Italian championship, which forces strong teams to take every match more seriously. As a result, bets on favorites have become less risky and, with proper analysis, can bring much profit. Do not forget the middle peasants, whose goals are traditionally valued by high coefficients.

German Bundesliga

For an inexperienced bettor, the German football championship can become a place to lose everything. The betting tournament is interesting and potentially profitable, but you need to study the league well and pay much attention to analysis. In the Bundesliga, in no case should you focus on the big name of the team. Bayer, Schalke, Wolfsburg, and other well-known clubs have lost their positions and often lose even to outsiders. “Bayern” at any time can surprise you.

The performance in the German Bundesliga is not bad, thanks to which you can successfully use strategies for betting on the total. Many teams are distinguished by the stability of home performances, which greatly helps in choosing bets. 

So which league should you choose?

Each football league is good in its own way and has its advantages for betting. But, according to most experienced bettors, the most promising tournaments are:

  • Premier League
  • Serie A
  • La Liga
  • Bundesliga

Always remember about the reliability of the portals you trust with your funds. Also, use bonuses from these brands to increase your winnings and make the process as enjoyable as possible. Let your team win!