Popularity of Crickex App In Asian Online Betting Market


The 2024 IPL playoffs race is getting closer everyday and with it the craze of online betting and bookmaking is also on the surge. In the vast market of online betting, only a few names exude trust like Crickex App.

Online betting is on the rise as IPL progresses

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has taken the world by storm since its inception in 2008. With its thrilling matches and star-studded teams, the IPL 2024 season is no exception. However, one aspect that often stirs up controversy is online betting. The reason? The complexity of laws from state to state puts online betting in a grey area.

The Allure of Betting in IPL 2024

Despite the legal gray areas, the allure of betting in IPL 2024 is undeniable. The unpredictability of the matches with 200 runs getting scored every other day and multiple high score records getting broken has given a boost to the practice. As the matches become closer with upsets in the final over deciding the fates of team(remember the Delhi vs RCB game?), the thrill of making predictions is increasing day by day.

In 2023, over $100 Billion USD were traded on online betting platforms in the region. This tells a lot about the trust that users are putting on top platforms like Stake, PariMatch and Crickex App.

Crickex App stands tall in the vast list of players

In a see of 100s of options, Crickex App is one of the biggest platform in Asia. As per the website, “Crickex is an Asian sports betting platform which was founded in the year 2019. It is a Cricket Trading, betting exchange unit and online sports betting platform that is becoming more popular among bettors in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It offers exclusive odds, betting markets and lines.”

In the past, they have invested a lot of money to develop cricket leagues across the Asian continent. 

Don’t fall in the trap of cheap gains

Many unreliable platforms have also started offering special discounts on deposits made by users, packaged ‘treasure hunts’ that offer match tickets and other freebies and goodies to lure users to their platforms. 

However, Crickex is the most trusted betting platform for Asian consumers. Crickex is the leading provider in sports exchange and sports betting in Asia. With their industry-top-notch sports platform, Crickex is driven by cutting edge technology and a focus on offering a trusted platform to customers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. With its best-in-class platform, Crickex guarantees that every customer will enjoy the greatest possible online sports betting experience.

Who will make it to the IPL Playoffs?

As the playoff race is coming to an end, teams are battling fiercely for a spot in the coveted playoffs. Among the contenders are Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Delhi Capitals, and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG).

RCB, which is currently led by Faf Du Plessis has had a rather bumpy season, but now the team looks like that it has found its grooves as the team has managed to put together couple of wins and now are enroute to the playoffs. However, the last few matches will tell if Kohli can take his team to the playoffs and possibly the finals.

In addition, Delhi and Lucknow too can still make it to the playoffs. But it’s an uphill battle for both the teams. With only 2 playoffs spot remaining, all the remaining teams are fighting tooth and nail to grab the spots.