Political Uncertainty in France Not a Threat to Paris Olympics: Thomas Bach

Paris Olympics

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach has assured that the political turmoil in France will not affect the preparations for the 2024 Paris Olympics. This statement comes in the wake of French President Emmanuel Macron’s unexpected call for new parliamentary elections.

Does France’s Parliament elections affect the Paris Olympics?

Macron’s decision followed the far-right National’s victory over his party in the recent European Parliament vote. The two voting rounds are scheduled for June 30th and July 7th, less than three weeks before the commencement of the Olympics. This has led to a state of political uncertainty in the country, raising concerns about the potential impact on the upcoming Games.

However, Bach, speaking at a Paris 2024 run-up event, dismissed these concerns. He stated, “France is used to holding elections, they will do it one more time, there will be a new government and everyone will support the Olympics.” He further added that French political leaders were united in their support of the Games and he had no indication that this unity would break now, only a few days before the Games open.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo expressed her difficulty in understanding why Macron chose to throw the country into political uncertainty so close to the Games. Despite this, Paris 2024 chief Tony Estanguet said his team was “more determined than ever” to make the Games a success. He highlighted that there were around ten elections since the launch of the candidacy for the Olympics and they understood how to work with the public actors.

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