How players can cop T20 format stress?

How players can cop T20 format stress?

Cricket is everywhere, the most common format of cricket is Test cricket, One-day Cricket, and Twenty20. The best format relative to the fan following is the Twenty20, this is the main reason plenty of sponsorship is there for the Twenty20 format. You can see plenty of leagues in the Twenty20 format, like the IPL, PSL, BBL, etc. Players need to keep their bodies superfit, as more and more stress and strain are coming on their bodies. They need to maintain a perfect weight-to-height ratio and require to shed extra fats. You need to use an online weight loss calculator by to control your weight and diet. 

Why T20 format is the toughest?

The stress level in the T20 format is the highest, you can’t avoid the stress in this format. Whatever position you are playing the expectation is high from you, as there is tough competition around in the T20 format. Franchise cricket is all about professionalism, a player not performing his season can’t save his spot in the team. Every player in the T20 format is fighting for their place, and the players performing well can earn a lot of money. You need a smart and healthy body to resist the pressure of the T20 format. You can say, the T20 format is one of the most demanding crickets of our time. The expectation of the fans is just too high, and players have to perform to their expectation to raise the demand. Players are eating special food and a protein-enriched diet to keep super fit. Once you are able to maintain a healthy body, it becomes easy to play intense environments.

How players can maintain their fitness?

Players need to eat protein-enriched food and a desired weight to cope with the stress of the T20 cricket. It is the cervical of the fittest, only the fittest players are going to survive in this format. Without a better workout and exercise routine, it is certainly impossible to maintain the performance. You may need to use the weight loss calculator to maintain a precise fitness level. Obese players can’t survive in this format as you need a lot of running to do in the T20 format. You need a hard-hitting style of play and better muscle strength to hit long shorts. It may possible you are going to score at a run rate of 15 to 20 runs per hour. Everything is possible in T20 cricket as teams are scoring 200 to 250 runs in 20 overs. This is quite a remarkable scoring rate of around 10 to 12.5, this is unthinkable in past to score at such a fast rate. 


T20 cricket is the toughest format in the cricket world, as you need to cope with the pressure and stress on your body. Only the fittest players are going to survive in this format. The T20 is full of excitement but it is a touch for the players.