How to Play the Aviator Game Online in India


The game Aviator is the most popular game in India. Players are attracted to the process of playing the game, as well as the opportunity to earn a lot of money. Aviator attracts more and more Indian users every year. Aviator is a flight simulator game, where the challenge for each player is not just to watch them fly, but to place their bets in time. This exciting Aviator game allows each user to feel at the helm of the plane, get a high from the flight and at the same time gives a great chance to earn money.

Aviator game on attentiveness, speed of reaction and self-control of the player, the ability to stop in time and not to lose everything that was set.  The idea of the game is that the higher your plane rises, the more you earn, but if the plane crashes, the player loses all his bets. Of course, like all games of chance, luck and fortune are important here. An aviator is suitable for brave and confident players. And everyone should develop their own approach to the game, and only in this case there is a real opportunity to earn.

Features of the Aviator Game in India

The game Aviator is different from the usual design of slot machines, so the developers decided to move away from the usual slot machine. And in the game in the first place the player should be accompanied by luck and chance, and only then – gaming skills. Before you start playing the game Aviator online, you need to study the rules well, and if you understand the rules and concepts of the game, you can get as much profit as possible in the process.

The game Aviator is different from online slots, as here you control the game, deciding at what point to complete the round, and it’s up to you to win. If you carefully analyze the course of the game and have time to withdraw your money while the plane is gaining altitude – then good luck is sure to smile on you. Thousands of Indian users win real money every day, and every player has a chance to try his luck and fortune.

How to Play Aviator Game?

Before starting to play the game Aviator the gambler needs:

  1. Register on the website of the company;
  2. Then, using your username and password, go to the page of the bookmaker’s website; 
  3. Depositing your account, using the method available to you; 
  4. Among the slots offered in the casino, find and open Spribe Aviator;
  5. The next and important step is to make a bet, enter the amount you are counting on;
  6. And the hardest part is getting the odds on the funds.

The game starts after the plane takes off. And the longer the plane flies, the higher your prize multiplier becomes. After the plane takes off, the number goes up right after it, and it is the multiplier of your winnings. Try to decide about withdrawal in advance, even if you intend to wait for the high multiplier of the flying plane.  To do this, focus on the statistics of recent Aviator game rounds. But if the plane flies away or crashes, you instantly lose all the money you bet. But you can cash out and quit the game while the plane is flying. And if you don’t get out of the game in time, the risk of losing increases. So choose – stay with nothing, or earn, but not a large amount for the first time.

Rules of the Aviator Game

The rules of the online game Aviator are very simple and understandable even for beginners. The goal is quite simple. While the plane is flying you collect winnings, but if the plane disappears from the screen, you risk losing all your bets.

The plane appears on the screen, it gradually rises, and the higher it rises, the higher the multiplier you see on the screen. The amount of your winnings depends directly on this multiplier. But the plane can just disappear from the screen and all your money is gone. The fall of the plane can not be controlled and you can not guess when it will fall, you can only finish the game earlier while taking the money you’ve already earned. If you are a risky person and decide to keep the plane in the sky longer and get a decent win – everything depends on luck and random luck. Little depends on you, the game Aviator is a fortune. 

Aviator app

The mobile app for Android and iOS completely duplicates the design of the main site of the bookmaker’s office. The app gives you access to the game. You can download the Aviator app from PlayStore in just a few minutes. Then log in to your account, find a Casino and start playing.

Tips for Aviator

Before you start playing Aviator, there is some useful information: 

  • Before playing for money, a player should practice in the demo mode; 
  • Study the statistics of other players; 
  • Treat the game responsibly and always be able to stop in time. 

Before starting to play Aviator, the most important thing is to determine the goal: do you want to take a risk and go for a high level of winning, or do you want to take small risks and get small prizes.