PKL Season 10: U Mumba vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers LIVE Score; Amitabh Bachchan In The House


The Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 is back with an exciting Week 6 fixture, and in the 58th match of the ongoing season, U Mumba will lock horns against Jaipur Pink Panthers from 08:00 PM onwards at the DOME by NSCI in Mumbai, with the presence of the one and only Amitabh Bachchan and his family.

The two sides have faced off 21 times, with Mumba leading their head to head record with 10 wins, while the Pink Panthers have registered 9 victories. Two of their clashes have concluded in ties.

U Mumba lineup: Amirmohammad Zafardanesh, Guman Singh, Mahender Singh, Surinder Singh, Visvanath V, Sombir, Bittu

Jaipur Pink Panthers lineup: Ankush, Arjun Deshwal, Reza Mirbagheri, Sunil Kumar, Bhavani Rajput, Lucky Sharma, V Ajith Kumar

U Mumba vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers LIVE Update

Jaipur wins the toss and elected the court. Mumba will be on the raid first.

2-0: Guman opens up the scoreboard with two points in the first raid of the match.

2-1: Arjun scores with a hand touch.

3-1: Zafardanesh secures a hand touch while on the run.

3-2: Arjun Deshwal gets the next hand touch for Jaipur.

5-2: Guman bags two more on the raid and secures 300 raid points in total.

5-5: Guman walks off to the bench following a strong tackle by the Pink Panther defense.

5-7: Jaipur in the lead with a two-point raid from Bhavani.

5-8: Alireza goes down against stout Jaipur defending.

5-13: Arjun increases the lead and secures a bonus point in the process.

6-14: Guman finally scores one raid point; Bhavani returns one for Jaipur.

7-14: Mumba successfully sends Arjun to the bench.

8-14: Mumba in the pursuit as Guman uses his pace to get Reza.

8-17: In a do-or-die raid ,Ajith secures a SUPER RAID.

9-17: Another point for Guman.

9-18: Ajith receives one bonus point.

10-18: One more running hand touch for the “gun-man”.

10-19: One more point for Arjun.

12-19: Guman continues his scoring, and gets a bonus.

12-20: Another point for Arjun.

12-21: Guman heads to the bench following a team tackle from the opposition.

13-21: Raid point for Mumba.

13-22: One more point for Arjun as he touches Surinder.

HALF TIME: U Mumba 13-22 Jaipur Pink Panthers

14-22: Guman secures the first point following the break.

14-24: SUPER 10 for Arjun, gets double raid point.

15-24: Bonus point for Mumba.

15-25: Arjun gets Guman.

16-25: Zafardanesh sends Reza to the bench on a do-or-die raid.

16-26: Two more raid points for Ajith.

17-26: Mumba secures a point following some empty raids.

17-28: Another two-point raid for Arjun, this time on a do-or-die raid.

18-28: Mumba gets a bonus.

18-29: Another raid point for Arjun. He’s on a stellar performance.

19-32: All-out on Mumba by Jaipur.

19-33: Team tackle from Jaipur. They strongly hold onto their lead.

19-34: One more point for Jaipur, courtesy of a solo tackle by Reza.

20-34: Mumba secures a tackle point.

20-35: Tackle point for Jaipur.

21-35: Raid point for Alireza. Ankush heads to the bench.

21-36: Another raid point for Arjun.

21-37: Jaipur takes down Guman with a team dash.

22-37: One more point for Alirezas Mumba continue their slog.

22-38: Alireza gets taken down by the Jaipur defense.

23-38: Arjun is taken down in the Mumba defense.

25-38: Two raid point for Jaibhagvan. Mumba desperately trying to get back.

25-39: One more point for Jaipur.

25-40: Tackle point for Jaipur.

26-40: One bonus point for Mumba.

27-40: Alireza secures a point for Mumba following a team review.

28-40: Abhijit heads to the lobby.

30-40: Back to back points for Alireza.

30-41: Arjun picks up one point on his final raid of the night.

31-41: Final point for Alireza on his last raid.

FINAL SCORE: U Mumba 31-41 Jaipur Pink Panthers