PKL Season 10: Telugu Titans vs. Gurajat Giants LIVE Score


The Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 is back with an exciting Week 6 fixture, and in the 59th match of the ongoing season, Telugu Titans will face off against Gujarat Titans from 09:00 PM onwards at the DOME by NSCI in Mumbai.

The two sides have faced off 9 times, with Giants leading their head to head record with 8 wins, while the Titans have registered a single win.

Telugu Titans lineup: Pawan Sehrawat, Ajit Pawar, Sandeep Dhull, Hamid Nadir, Robin Chaudhary, Sanjeevi, Milad

Gujarat Giants lineup: Fazel Atrachali, Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Deepak Singh, Rakesh, Parteek Dahiya, Balaji D, Manju

Telugu Titans vs. Gurajat Giants LIVE Update

Gujarat wins the toss, elects the court. First raid on the Titans.

3-0: Triple point for Pawan on the opening raid of the match for the Titans. Empty raid from the Giants.

3-1: Pawan taken down. First point for Giants.

3-2: One raid point for Rakesh.

3-3: Robin gets taken down by Fazel on a do-or-die raid. One point for Giants.

4-3: Do-or-die raid for Prateek and he returns with two points but the Giants raider is out as his hand went beyond midline. One point for Titans.

4-4: Hamid heads to the bench. Point for Rakesh.

5-4: Tackle point for the Titans.

6-4: Fourth raid point for Pawan.

6-5: Point for Gujarat. Rakesh scores one.

7-6: Another point for Rakesh as he gets Milad.

9-6: Robin gets a point added with a bonus.

9-7: Robin is off to the bench. Point for Gujarat.

Telugu Titans.

9-8: Rakesh gets one point, displaying his brilliant speed.

11-8: SUPER TACKLE by Titans defense takes down Prateek. Two points for Titans.

11-9: Pawan heads to the bench following a do-or-die raid.

11-11: Back to back points for Rakesh.

12-11: Sanjeevi scores a raid point.

13-11: Bonus point for Sanjeevi.

13-12: One more point for Rakesh.

14-12: Touch point for Sanjeevi.

16-12: Sanjeevi lands two points with a SUPER TACKLE.

16-13: Sanjeevi gets taken down in a do-or-die raid.

18-13: SUPER TACKLE from the Titans.

18-14: Nitin goes out. One point for Nabi.

19-14: Pawan secures one point from a running hand touch.

HALF TIME: Telugu Titans 19-14 Gujarat Giants

19-16: Two-point raid for Rakesh at the start of the second half.

19-20: Giants in the lead following an all out on Titans.

20-20: Titans level with a raid point.

21-20: Point for Rajnesh as he gets Fazel on his raid.

22-20: Point for Pawan for getting Nabi.

22-21: Point for Sonu. Giants in close pursuit.

22-22: Fazel stops Pawan. Giants level.

23-23: Tackle point for Titans, followed by the same from Giants.

23-24: Titan gets a point for team tackle but its granted to Gujarat due to jersey pulling from Titans.

23-25: Point for Nabi.

23-26: Giants defense stops Sanjeevi. One more point for Giants.

23-30: All out from Giants as they rally ahead.

24-30: Sonu heads to the bench. Tackle point for Titans.

24-31: Bonus point for Prateek.

24-32: One more point for Giants.

25-32: Tackle point for Titans. They’re desperate to catch up.

25-33: Giants defense sends Pawan to the bench. Point for Giants.

26-33: Bonus point for Rajnish.

26-34: Giants defense takes down Rajnish.

26-35: Point for Prateek on his raid.

28-35: Point for Sanjeevi, added with a bonus. Titans slogging to catch up.

28-36: Pawan gets caught up in the Giants defense once again.

29-36: Bonus point for Sanjeevi.

30-36: Titans stop Nabi in a do-or-die raid.

30-37: Deepak sends Sanjeevi to the bench. Point for Giants.

FINAL SCORE: Telugu Titans 30-37 Gujarat Giants