Pin-up casino app download and install for android


The operator of Pin-up casino is already on the main page of the official website and offers to download the application. The user gets a branded program for android at their disposal.

What you need to know about pin-up casino app download

The complete procedure of pin up casino app download for android will not take more than 5 minutes. The user gets the app on their smartphone in as little as 20-30 seconds. There are no settings to be made. The visitor will immediately be able to start playing slots or other gambling games for money.

The installation involves a few restrictions:

  • Today, Pin Up can only be installed on Android. Gambling apps have been removed from the AppStore. It is not possible to bypass the security of the iOS operating system.
  • The player needs to disable the antivirus on his phone. Otherwise, the installer gets quarantined or will be immediately removed from the device. Pin Up is ready to assure all visitors that the app does not constitute any threat.
  • The user needs to free up space. Pin Up does not download any updates to the phone. However, the app will need a few megabytes to install the executable.

The interface is slightly different from the website. There is no overly large grid of sections. The user can switch between bookmaker and casino modes in a single click. Conveniently, depositing is also a one-touch process.

Why does the Pin Up administration release the app

The club operator operates in many countries. In some, the casino sites fall under blockades. The app helps to bypass these restrictions. The user has convenient access to the personal account from anywhere in the world.

Login and password are kept safe. The software is securely encrypted and works only through a server. Fraudsters will not have a chance to hack into the client’s account. That’s why you only have to enter authorization data once. Later on, the system will save this information and allow visitors to log in with a single click.

The mobile app is also optimized. The app immediately analyses the parameters of the device. The app takes the full functionality of the smartphone and helps to run the slot in the best possible graphics. At the same time, the program chooses settings that don’t burn up the phone’s battery too quickly.

It is the mobile casino client that gets access to the latest updates. On the website, the updates appear much later. Downloading the software allows you to play only the latest slots and participate in daily tournaments.

The user does not have to buy an expensive smartphone to play the slots. The program is not demanding on the resource of the technology. The installation is available on almost all types of smartphones with an android operating system.