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Photos – The Sorana Cirstea Story


Sorana Mihaela Cîrstea (born 7 April 1990) is a Romanian tennis player.

She achieved her career-high ranking of world No. 21 on 12 August 2013 and has appeared in the quarterfinals of the French Open and the final of the Rogers Cup.

Cîrstea is a power player.

Her groundstrokes are often erratic with an emphasis on going for a winner leading her to make a high amount of unforced errors per match but with a high number of winners.

According to the Tennis Spy, her long stride means she covers ground while not appearing to move particularly quickly.

As a doubles player, she is also a very solid volleyer.

Her forehands and backhands are delivered quickly on both sides.

Cîrstea was born to Mihai and Liliana in Bucharest, but currently resides in Târgoviște where her parents are from.

She also has a younger brother, Mihnea.

Cîrstea was introduced to tennis at the age of four by her mother.

Sorana’s father owns an ice cream factory in Târgoviște.

She has cited Steffi Graf and Roger Federer as her idols.

Image Courtesy –  Sorana Cîrstea (Instagram)