Photos – The Leticia Bufoni Story


Letícia Bufoni e Silva (born April 13, 1993) is a Brazilian professional street skateboarder.

Bufoni was born in São Paulo, Brazil.

She began skating at age 9 and her grandmother bought her first skateboard when she was 11.

She attended Hollywood High School, but left after missing so much school that she was in danger of being kicked out.

When Letícia was 14 she came to Southern California to compete in the X Games.

During that trip, she was skating at Element Skate Camp and practicing a trick (an inward heel flip).

Her dad said that if she landed it, she could stay in California.

She got it right on the next try.

She got sponsored and decided to remain in California.

Both she and her family knew if she was to be world class she had to be in the heart of the action.

She has been competing as a professional skateboarder ever since.

Image Courtesy – Leticia Bufoni (Instagram)