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Photos – The Julia Dujmovits Story


Julia Dujmovits (born 12 June 1987) is an Austrian snowboarder.

Dujmovits won silver in the parallel giant slalom at the 2013 FIS Snowboarding World Championships.

She won a gold in the same discipline at the 2013 Winter Universiade.

Seveteen years ago in the pretty Austrian ski resort a defective heating unit started a fire in the ascending train of the funicular, rupturing the hydraulic cables and activating the emergency braking system, bringing the train to a halt 600 metres into the tunnel.

Three km in length, the tunnel carried the trains up to and down from the Alpine Centre at 2450m.

It acted like a blast furnace for the expanding fire.

Over the coming years Julia would face more setbacks, each chipping away – sometimes quite literally – at the future Olympic champion until she had to find a way to rebuild herself, or else succumb.

A fractured ankle, broken collarbone, and nemesis of skiers and snowboarders alike, torn ACL – not once but twice – all threatened to bring down Julia’s otherwise promising future as a professional sportswoman.

Image Courtesy – Julia Dujmovits (Instagram)