Perils of Lockdown: Man Utd doctor reveals how players are getting hurt at home because of cooking!

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The focus of the Manchester United club doctor has shifted from cramps to cooking as a number of players have reportedly suffered injuries while cooking.

Manchester United’s club doctor Steve McNally claimed that the players are being monitored regularly but added that the longer this lockdown goes, the more the staff will have to get involved.


The doctor added that there are currently no cases of injuries during training which needs tending but added that a number of players have injured themselves while trying to cook themselves. He also noted that one of the players even suffered a dog bite. He stated:

 ‘Fortunately, most of the boys have been well. We’re not getting injuries although there have been a few unusual complaints because they have tried their hand at cooking or have been bitten by the dog. That type of thing, it’s just a different focus.’


McNally feels that while the physical aspect of things can be kept in check, the mental aspect will play a vital role in the months to come.

‘We don’t want them to feel that they should be having mental health issues, but we’re very vigilant as a staff generally. We have a look out for one or two lads depending on our gut feeling and knowledge of them as individuals. It’s an important thing.

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