No Room for Racism – Premier League’s new racism-combating campaign

Credits - Premier League

Racism seems to be on the rise again, with several such incidents reported in the past few weeks, including those on the international stage. First to take a stand against this discrimination are Premier League, who launched their ‘No Room for Racism’ campaign today in protest of this hideous abuse.

Credits – Premier League

With Premier League stars in Raheem Sterling, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Danny Rose, to name a few, having been victims of racism on the international level in the recent past, PL’s No Room for Racism campaign launched in partnership with Kick It Out, aims at opposing and curbing this discrimination not only domestically, but also for the wider sport.

The campaign, taking effect from today’s game as Fulham take on champions Man City, will run for the next 10 days until the 8th of April next month. Kick It Out will be branded on the captains’s armband as the campaign header will be on display for the next couple of match rounds.

Efforts to tackle this quarter-century long issue have been taken to the next level as a nationwide advertising agenda implemented by both the partner organizations will see banners of the same in stadiums throughout England.

“Together with our clubs, we are proud of the diversity throughout the Premier League, in the stands, on the pitch and within our communities,” Premier League Interim Chief Executive Richard Masters said.

“We are also aware that much more needs to be done, and the Premier League is committed to further promoting inclusion and diversity throughout our competition and beyond,” Masters added.