Nita Ambani invites EPL teams to invest in India

Image Courtesy: India TV

Nita Ambani has expressed her desire to take the Indian Super League to another level and has also plans of hosting games in the Middle East. With such ideas at her sleeve, she has now urged the European clubs to come and invest in the competition.

Image Courtesy: India TV

“I think it’s (opportunities) for everyone. When we started the Indian Super League for football in 2014, we attracted international football players and we continue to have five of them in each team. We have a thriving sports goods industry, which exports nearly 60 per cent of its produce, so that is another interesting opportunity.”

Nita also believes taking the game outside the country will help the tournament grow while also at the same time bring a lot of attraction.

“I do want to take it abroad, at least play one or two football games in the Middle East, in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, and then see how we can expand. We are a young league, just five years into the business, and we’re looking forward to taking Indian football to the world. However, at this moment, my focus is to encourage and promote sports in India.”

As for the development of the players, Nita strives to establish partnerships with top European clubs technically and strategically.

The task of bringing all these together is now solely in the hands of Martin Bain, the chief executive of the ISL, who formerly was a part of both Rangers and Sunderland.