NADA Imposes 10-Year Ban on Powerlifter Sandeep Kaur

Sandeep Kaur

The National Anti-Doping Agency’s (NADA) Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel (ADDP) has imposed a 10-year ban on powerlifter Sandeep Kaur, marking one of the longest ban periods handed by the committee. This decision has sent shockwaves through the powerlifting community and serves as a stern reminder of the consequences of doping violations.

Suspension on Sandeep Kaur

Sandeep Kaur, a 31-year-old powerlifter from Punjab, was found guilty of her second doping offence and for using multiple prohibited drugs. Her first offence occurred in 2019 when she tested positive for Stanozolol. After serving a four-year ban for this violation, Kaur returned to professional competition in August 2023.

Upon her return, Kaur secured third place in the 69kg open category at the National Senior Women’s Powerlifting Championships in Kashipur, Uttarakhand. However, her urine sample taken during the championships tested positive for multiple banned substances, including Norandrosterone, Metandienone, and Mephentermine.

The ADDP stated that Kaur failed to explain how these substances entered her body. The panel found it challenging to believe that the Anti-Doping Rules Violation (ADRV) was unintentional. As a result, Kaur received an eight-year ban for her second doping offence and an additional two-year ban for using multiple banned substances.

NADA’s counsel urged the panel to consider the aggravating circumstances in Kaur’s case, as she used multiple prohibited substances. The ADDP accepted NADA’s submission and held Kaur liable for sanctions under Article 10.9 read with 10.4, resulting in a total period of ineligibility of 10 years. The panel ruled that Kaur’s suspension period would begin on September 6, 2023, the date of the provisional suspension.

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