Must-know carrom foul rules to save yourself from doing mistakes


Carrom board is a popular indoor game that has its roots in the lands of India. Some of the popular indoor games that people love to play include ludo, chess, etc and they can be played either individually or in doubles. Carrom requires a large wooden board with all the arrows or directions, lines, and pockets in each corner of the board.

It usually requires 18 round-shaped carrom men, out of which, 9 are white and 9 are black. It also includes one round-shaped queen of either red or yellow color. A heavy large piece is also available, which is known as a striker. 

Carrom is a game of skills, accuracy, and full entertainment. The main aim of the player in carrom is to sink all the coins in pockets before your opponent does. But it is important for you to learn carrom foul rules.

The objective of the carrom

Once the players start the game, the first set of players will be given white carrom men and others will take black carrom men. A player will win by sinking all the carrom men into pockets. But no player can win until and unless one player gets hold over the queen. To cover a queen, a player has to pocket his one carrom men and after that, he has to cover the queen. If the queen is not covered in that turn, it will be on the carrom board and other players will try to cover the queen. Players have to try to cover the queen as the player who wins the queen gets the bonus points.

Basic rules of the game of carrom

In the first turn, the player has the opportunity to break the central group of the counter, which is to disturb the counter. No matter whether the players hit the striker or not and which piece it hits, if a striker hits the queen in the first turn and the carrom men of his color, then retrieve the striker and take another strike. If the player doesn’t sink any pieces or commit a foul, the turn of the player is over.

Other Rules of the game of carrom

When carrom men or pieces overlap in the board, it will be put above another piece in the innermost circle. If pieces are on the edge or overlapping another carrom men, then their position should not be changed. It will be changed later while playing the game.

If the striker is stuck between other pieces, then it will be removed with the slightest disturbance without making any movement to the carrom men.

Carrom Fouls Rules

When a participant or a player commits a foul, the turn of the player ends and a penalty is applied. Usually, players have to put one pocketed carrom man or piece in the innermost circle or center of the carrom board as the penalty. Or any other pieces and pieces that have to be put on the board are all placed above the piece of the innermost circle or center.

It is common to put the pieces in the center to disturb the opponents.

Following are the situations when carrom foul rules are used.

  1. If the striker is pocketed.
  2. If the striker or any carrom men leaves the board.
  3. If the players sink the opponent’s piece and the queen is also sinking. The player has to put a penalty piece and other pieces and queens will also be put in the carrom board.
  4. If the player sinks the opponent’s piece, then he has to put the penalty piece on the board. No matter if you won queen or not.
  5. If the player sinks queen before the final piece, then he has to put the queen and penalty piece in the carrom board.
  6. If the player contravenes the rules of striking.
  7. If the player touched any other piece other than the striker.
  8. If the strike of the first players fails to break the counter in three attempts.
  9. When a player has to pay the penalty but he doesn’t have any pieces, then the penalty is owed and it should be paid when he will have to pay the penalty.
  10. If a penalty is owed and pieces or carrom men are available, then available pieces should be put back on the board to pay the penalty.


So, we have provided you with information about the carrom game, the objective of the carrom game, basic rules, and other rules of the carrom. Carrom foul rules are also explained in this article. Carrom foul rules are the most important aspect in the carrom game. If you don’t know the carrom foul rules, you might not be able to play the game well and it will lower your ranking as well it has a bad impression on you.

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