Mumbai Indians players to wear NBA-inspired ‘Smart Ring’ in IPL 2020 as COVID-19 precaution


13th edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) which was earlier slated to take place in March but couldn’t host due to the COVID-19, is all set to be played in the UAE from September 19. As the tournament is going to take place, its security level has increased as well. And, defending champions Mumbai Indians took their precautionary measures to another level.

They have introduced a special ‘smart ring’ to track their health and every member of the team present in Abu Dhabi have to wear this for the league. Meanwhile, the BCCI has already introduced a Bluetooth-enabled contact tracing device and also urged everyone to fill in a daily fitness form through a Health App as well.

While speaking to ANI, a source said, “The ring picks up a person’s vital data — heart rate, heart rate variation, respiratory rate and body temperature among other details — and then flags any irregular trend in advance so that asymptomatic signals can be spotted at the earliest and dealt with. The ring monitors the person’s pulse, movements and temperature to present a complete picture so that helps in daily analysis. NBA (National Basketball Association) has made use of the similar ring health device.”

On the other hand, all the teams have to go through a mandatory 14-day quarantine period where several COVID-19 tests have been done as well.

“We were all covered head to toe, with PPE, mask, face shield and even 3 pairs of gloves. It was absolutely difficult to recognise the person next to you. Quite an experience, but we realised how necessary it was for our own safety. We have families here and there can’t be a safer place than the Mumbai Indians camp. It showcases how much the MI management is invested in the health and safety of its players and staff,” a player shared.

However, Mumbai Indians have recently revealed a massive 15,000 sq ft Team Room which is a recreational centre where players, families and other staff members were seen enjoying. Along with this, the team has also a gymnasium of 10,000 sq ft which is away from the hotel gym and it will give a 24×7 exclusive service to the members of Mumbai Indians.

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