The Mountain’s Peak: Hafthor Bjornsson deadlifts mind-boggling 501kg to set new world record.

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Having being relieved off his duties of squishing heads and guarding the queen, Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson is lifting weights for fun. The Game of Thrones star has broken the world deadlift record after lifting 501kg. 

As part of the World’s Ultimate Strongman competition, Bjornsson performed a lockdown lift which was overseen by fellow Icelander Magnus Ver Magnusson. On choosing Magnusson, Hafthor had earlier stated:


‘He’s known as one of the strictest referees in the world – he will not give you anything for free. That’s the reason why I want him to referee my lift because I knew people would respect that. I want my lift to be legit.’

Check out the record breaking lift below:


After the historic lift, he stated: “I’m blessed, everything today went according to the plans, I’m over the moon.”

Thor broke the record which was set in place by Eddie Hall back in 2016. Ahead of the ultimate lift, he made light work by lifting 440 kg / 970 lbs for three reps. The lift was originally supposed to take place on April 11.

Here’s Eddie Hall’s response after his record was broken by Thor. In an Instagram post he said:

having my record broken and seeing what is possible’. ‘I think you are probably the man to do it, there’s no denying that and I’ll still shake your hand afterwards and say well done… if you do it under the appropriate conditions,’ 

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