Mostbet BD Сybersports Bet & Review


In addition to being a major provider of sports betting services, Mostbet BD also offers a variety of e-sport bets. They include all the different tournaments that involve online computer games. There are plenty of such events happening all the time, many rivaling in size and popularity the big soccer or basketball cups.

The provider offers a large enough selection of such games, certainly more than most regular betting platforms. You get Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Valorant, Overwatch and a variety of other titles. The new games can be added in the future if there are big e-sport events happening that time surrounding the title.

CS:GO Bets

Counter-Strike Global Offensive continues to be one of the most popular multiplayer shooter games. It’s a session-based game, where you typically join one of two teams with the goal to essentially destroy the other team. Strategizing, tactics and personal skill are all vital to the success in this game.

CS:GO is particularly popular is large swathes of East and South Asia, which makes Mostbet BD and similar regional providers well-positioned to be a betting broker. In addition to that, the game’s e-sports events attract millions of users from all over the globe. All versions of Mostbet allow such bets.

There isn’t a special category for cybersport on the website – all e-sport bets are done through the common betting menu, alongside other, regular sports. You can choose between ‘live’ and ‘sport’ categories, which include matches that are currently in process and all the rest, respectively.

You can also choose ‘all’ without time specifications. These settings can be changed on the front page, as well as in the header menu up above. These, however, are only secondary filters. They largely don’t change the selection of e-sport games available for betting.

These games can be found at the bottom of the main betting roster, on the left side of your screen. There are big, colorful icons next to the names to help you navigate. This game (under ‘Counter Strike’) is the first to come up in the list. Clicking it will open the game’s individual page with all the matches that fit your pre-selected specifications.

To make a bet, you can just click on one of these matches – represented by long, thin strips of information and unified into different tournament folders. It’s possible to make a bet right there by clicking one of the three main outcomes for the match:

  • Win for the first team – W1;
  • Draw – X;
  • Win for the second team – W2.

However, it’s better to open the match’s page to see more details about it, as well as have an ability to make additional bets, see handicaps and generally have a better time managing your bet. There are generally not many additional betting options for CS:GO, besides ‘winner’, ‘1 map winner’ and whether the rounds are odd or even.

How to Make a Bet on Dota 2

Dota 2 is another e-sports option that particularly big in parts of Asia. It’s still very much a game of choice of millions of players worldwide, but Mostbet BD in particular serves a myriad of South Asian and East Asian bettors who frequent the game. Regardless, you can place a bet on Dota just like you’d do with any other game on the list.

To place a bet, you should once again select between ‘live’ and ‘sport’. You can also sort by the time these matches will be held, placing borders for up to 12 hours from now. Dota 2 is located just beneath Counter Strike on the same menu, which makes it pretty easy to find.

Minor events are held throughout the year, while the biggest, The International, is arranged every year in autumn. The bet conditions are a bit different for Dota. It’s a complex game, which means there are plenty of different betting options. To make a bet, you need to click on the specific match and proceed to its own page.

Besides the overall winner, you can also place a bet of a huge variety of different outcomes, which is one of the most fascinating things about placing bets on this game. You can bet on the ‘correct score’, the ‘destroy first tower’, the ‘first Roshan’ and other wagers throughout several maps.

The score is finalized by arranging several games, called ‘maps’ here. The results of each individual map aren’t really taken into account here, except some bets, like the ‘first Roshan’. They can be placed for both first maps, as well as additional maps if it comes to that in the course of the matchup.

Bets of the League of Legends

League of Legends is another extremely popular MOBA game, like Dota 2. It is somewhat more popular in the West than in the East, but plenty people on Mostbet BD still bet on it. The betting options and outcomes are similar to Dota. You can bet on many different things, although the selection is visibly smaller.

There are still plenty of League matches available for wagers. The LoL World Championship, for instance, starts at late September and continues into November – every day packed with exciting matches to keep you entertained.

Mostbet Live Streams

Mostbets BD offers their clients to watch live streams of their favorite e-sports events by selecting their preferred game and clicking the corresponding button in the match details. This will transport you to the live broadcast of the events so you could feel the thrill of your successful bets.

Most of these streams are borrowed from open streaming platforms, where official channels of these games stream the ongoing matches for all to see. The advantage of watching these on Mostbet BD is that you can tweak your bets in accordance to what you see on the screen – through live bets.

To watch these streams, you need to be registered in the system, so be sure to create an account.

E-sports Betting Bonus

The betting bonus on e-sports is the same you’d claim for sports betting. It’s the same bonus for both activities, and you can get it as a gift for your first deposit. Just don’t forget to select this promotion during your registration process. It offers a 100% boost to your deposit with a maximum amount of 300 USD (or equivalent).