Canadian Armwrestler Mohinder Singh talks about his phenomenal experience at Pro Panja League

Mohinder Singh, Canada , Armwrestler, Pro Panja League

Canada based Armwrestler Mohinder Singh visited India earlier this year where he was a part of an epic mega match against Punjab’s Harman Mann at the Pro Panja League x Sood Classic World Strongman Games. The match-up took place on 24th February at the Chandigarh University. Mohinder Singh has been training alongside the likes of current heavyweight champion Devon Larratt and Matt Mask.

The Sports India Show had the opportunity to chat with Mr Mohinder Singh to talk about his experience competing under the Pro Panja League banner.

Exclusive interview with Mohinder Singh

1) How was your experience at the Pro Panja Mega matches?

“The experience was phenomenal. I was literally amazed. It was such a beautiful event, so well organized I never seen a well-organized tournament like this ever before.”

2) Were you surprised by the crowd reaction? Had you ever competed in front of a crowd that size?

“Such a positive atmosphere. Everybody was so cheerful. It was great and I did actually played a lot of tournaments in front of the crowd but this crowd was really really big. I mean I never pulled anybody in such a big crowd. It’s a lot of people out there. Lot of positive people.”

3) Your matchup with Harman? What would you do differently if there was a rematch?

“See my match with Harman was great. But I didn’t feel good to be very honest. I didn’t have good experience. A couple of things that I came out of an injury. I had a partial bicep tear. So when I had a partial tear I was on bed rest for 9-10 months. I didn’t touch the weight. I was not supposed to pick up any weights and then when I accepted Harman’s match I just had one month of window to train. So in one month I was not able to.. I didn’t actually study Harman a lot. I took Harman very easily. So that was one of my biggest mistake but whatever he did it was great. I know the way to get him now. So the next match, if I get a chance it would really really interesting and it would be a good fight.”

4) Having participated in PPL, Do you feel India is the next big market for the sport?

“Of course India is the biggest market right now and the way PPL is sponsoring it, branding it, bringing the matches right on the top, it’s really a phenomenal, very good job. Hats off to Mr. Parvin Dabas and Preeti Jhangiani. They both are doing such a tremendous job. I’ve never seen this gentleman sitting at home. Every time I see his post, either he’s flying to some states, like he’s flying to UP, Punjab, he’s flying to Haryana. All I see him is flying. I mean hats off to him, he has such a passion towards this game. It is just because of him the game is going so so up. Right now again, happy that the new Indian arm wrestling has come into the hands, the new federation, WAF and AAF, they both have nominated actually happy to represent India in the world. It is a wonderful job. Whatever these guys are doing, they are doing fantastic. So I truly see India is on everybody’s lips right now. All the arm wrestlers they see that with with the camera, the editing, with the graphics, it’s fantastic.”


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