Mike Tyson smokes a 1-Foot-Long joint in a Marijuana festival


Former baddest man on the planet and heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson needs no introduction. The 50-year old boxing legend was recently spotted in a Marijuana festival smoking a 1-Foot-long joint and enjoying himself.

Tyson bought a 40-acre ranch in California last year and he plans to grow weed on it. This move came after California voters approved the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64) to legalize the recreational use of cannabis in November of 2016.

The festival where Tyson was spotted smoking a foot-long joint was organised by BREAL TV. Apparently, the former world champion is even hosting his own weed-turned-music-festival in his newly bought 40-acre ranch on 23rd February.

Mike Tyson is a huge advocate of legal Marijuana and he has his own school to teach farmers how to grow and develop their strains – called the ‘Tyson Cultivation School.’

What do you guys think of Mike Tyson smoking a foot long joint?


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