Michael Vaughan and Sanjay Manjrekar have a twitter banter over Ravindra Jadeja


When India was playing Bangladesh, Sanjay Manjrekar had made a comment from the commentary box. The former cricketer called Ravindra Jadeja a ‘bits and pieces cricketer’. This comment had drawn quite some criticism for Manjrekar. Ravindra Jadeja himself had replied to Sanjay Manjrekar on Twitter, saying he was fed up of Manjrekar’s ‘verbal diarrhoea’. Despite this, Manjrekar has included Jadeja in his team for the Semi-finals.

England’s former skipper Michael Vaughan was quick to reply to this selection. Vaughan tweeted saying, “I see you have picked the bits and pieces cricketer!!!”

Manjrekar had to clear the meaning of this selection, and he surely did that. He clarified his side by saying that he had just predicted the team. This was not his team.

This banter was far from over. The English skipper quickly came up with another question for the commentator. He added some sarcasm as he asked Manjrekar what his team was. And did his team have any ‘bits and pieces’ cricketer?

Sanjay Manjrekar is yet to reply to this question by Vaughan. If he does reply, this Twitter spat could go for on for at least of a couple of more tweets.

Rohit Sharma was also asked about his opinion on how Jadeja had replied to Manjrekar’s comments. To this, the opener had said it differs from person to person. Furthermore, he added that different people react differently and how you react is your personal choice.

Jadeja played his first World Cup match of 2019 in the last league match of India, against Sri Lanka. Until then, Jadeja played only as a substitute fielder.