Mazahir Saidu: The whole of India will see a different version of me in Season 2

Mazahir Saidu vs Ujjwal Agrawal | Kochi KD's vs Kiraak Hyderabad

Mazahir Saidu, is without a doubt the strongest Armwrestler from India. In his decade long Armwrestling career, no one has been able to pin him in India. Mazahir has shown that his top roll is unbreakable and in the Season 1 of the Pro Panja League, he has managed to breeze past everyone.

Competing for the Kochi KD’s franchise, Mazahir Saidu is also the captain of the team and under his captaincy, the team was crowned as the inaugural season 1 champion.

Mazahir Saidu vs Ujjwal Agrawal | Kochi KD's vs Kiraak Hyderabad
Mazahir Saidu vs Ujjwal Agrawal | Kochi KD’s vs Kiraak Hyderabad

Ahead of the second season, Sports India Show reached out to Mazahir to talk about his preparation for Season 2 and the approach he has made for the league.

Exclusive Interview with Mazahir Saidu

1) How is the training going?

My training is going great. I have taken new approaches to training. So I think I will be able to show new techniques and style in Season 2.

2) How was your experience in the first season?

The first season was actually very overwhelming. It was too much to take. It was something which not just me, but none of the other Armwrestlers expected to be in such a huge platform. So, it can’t be explained and it was a really very great experience.

3) What do you think will the strategy be in Season 2?

My strategy is not just focusing on my top roll, I know my top roll is really good, but also to show that I am able to do a bit more other techniques. My arms are very healthy now and hook is also very good right now. My techniques will be using all the techniques and not just focusing on the top roll.

4)Your most memorable moment from Season 1?

My most memorable moment is before the season started on Day 1 and when I set the foot on the stage and there were goosebumps when I first saw the stage for the first time. That experience and that feeling was just too much to take and I was both nervous and excited to show the outside world what we are. That feeling I can never forget.

5) What can we expect from Mazahir Saidu in Season 2?

The world will see a different version of me in Season 2. I am not just focusing on my top roll but I want to display my whole arsenal.