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Luis Figo – a Portuguese star of Spanish grandees


Many experts believe that there has always been “too much” of Figo on the field since he was known for a really high speed, as well as a smart game that allowed him to give assists regularly. Besides, being at the top of results football, he was able to perform standard kicks accurately and strongly. The Portuguese’s football career began at Sporting Lisbon when he was 17. Quickly enough, he managed to attract the attention of scouts of various European clubs. As a result, this led to moving to Spanish Barcelona, where he spent 5 successful seasons.

Luis Figo

The peak of Luis’ playing career was when he was playing for Real Madrid. It was there that he demonstrated phenomenal results, both in terms of personal ability to play and interact with partners on the football field. A year after moving to the capital club, he became its recognized leader, showing himself to the best advantage as a midfielder. As a result, all his games were noticed and in 2000 Figo received the Golden Ball, and the Player of the Year award (according to FIFA) at the end of the next season. In the same year, he won the Champions League trophy together with his team. It was a very important victory.

The best moments in Luis Figo’s career

In the course of each player’s career, there are moments that make them legends, idols or recognized masters of their position. Figo also boasts a few outstanding La Liga results. Here are just a few of them: 

  1. For the first time, people started talking about the young Portuguese in 1997, when he first entered the field in the Champions League game against English Newcastle. Despite the fact that Barcelona unfortunately lost to its opponent, Luis managed to declare himself by scoring a magnificent goal from a long distance and scoring an effective assist.
  2. The victorious for Real Madrid Champions League season began with a guest victory over Italian Roma (2:1). Figo opened the score in the game, having completed a free kick and setting a general mood for performance at the tournament.
  3. According to the expert community and fans, the most unforgettable goal was scored by the Portuguese when playing against Manchester United. The ball spun in such a way that it flew into the net together with goalkeeper Fabien Barthez.

Indeed, over the years spent playing in La Liga, Figo was noted for numerous results and forever left his trace by playing for Inter Milan and the national team Portugal as well.