Who is Looking in the Best T20 Form, Ahead of This Year’s World Cup?


T20 is a game that changed the way cricket is played. Along with its popularity the T20 world cup emerged as a competition for the best teams to go up against each other. Every two years the competition brings along with it excitement, passion, festivities and much more. The world cup this year is no different and all the teams are lining up to give it their best shot.

So, which teams are in the best form for this year’s T20 World Cup tournament? Who is going to take the trophy home? Which team rising star should you bet on? Let’s find out!

The Teams of the T20 World Cup 2022


When we think of the world cup it’s hard to miss out on one of the greats. Australia has been in the game for as long as anyone can remember. With a track record of excellence in T20, Australia stands to be one of the toughest competitors this year. With odds of 7-2 this team can pull ahead in no-time. Thus, if you’re looking for a good team to place your wager on, Australia can be it.


One of the biggest names in the world of cricket, India is all set to go this year. With high morale across the team and practice sessions in play, the team is looking to bag the trophy. The odds of the team speak for itself standing at 7-2. Thus, if you were not eyeing this Asian team in this season, we highly recommend your reconsider your options.


England recently delighted fans across the world with a stellar form of attack play called “Bazball” in their performance against India in the test series. All there is to say is that Bazball really paid off for the team. Now under the guidance of the recently appointed coach Brendon McCullum, a T20 veteran, England’s T20 team is projecting odds of 37-10. If you’re one of the revolutionaries ready to wager on the underdogs, we say go all in for England!

New Zealand

Welcome the first contender of the high roller club. The kiwis are at it again with stellar form and peak performance. New Zealand has come a long way since it started playing cricket and it shows. The team’s impeccable and feisty style of cricket has gotten their odds up to 15-2. This season is set to be a big one and New Zealand has a clear shot at the trophy. Placing your wagers on this champion can get you decent winnings without any doubt.


Pakistan’s team may not be in the limelight much,, but their hard work and dedication shows. The odds this season for the team stand at a whopping 8-1. Pakistan is very well an expected contender of the top 3 this season. We see no reason for you to hold back. Place your wagers right and win when Pakistan does.

South Africa

The crème de la crème of the season’s teams, South Africa is projecting odds of 10-1. South Africa is well known for their balanced play. However, when the going gets tough so does the team. The versatility of each player on the team makes them very tough competition to go up against. Wagering on this team will surely generate hefty returns this season.

West Indies

This one should come as no surprise. While they’re record in test cricket is catastrophic, the team’s T20 record is the polar opposite. West Indies wastes no time or balls on the field. Each swing is an opportunity for the big hits. Thus, West Indies is our choice when it comes to the team that’s most favourable in winning this year’s trophy with odds of 14-1.

Now that you know what the odds are, let’s talk a bit about responsible wagering. When placing your bets, we recommend you to find a reliable sportsbook to go with. But how do you identify such sportsbooks?

How Can You Identify a Reliable Sportsbook?

Look out for the following to identify a reliable sportsbook:

  • They will only use reliable payment options like Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, etc.
  • You will get live updates of the game you wager on and additional information,
  • All queries related to payment are listed and you can reach out to a customer service helpline 24/7,
  • The best sportsbooks will have the best reviews online, we recommend checking them

A Quick Summary

Most teams look good on paper, but it comes down to how they play. Knowing the odds is helpful, but we recommend going with your gut as well. Sometimes placing bets on the underdogs can give you a high margin of profits! Keep an eye out for shifts an changes in the odds and bet away on the T20 World Cup 2022. Become a part of the gala and enjoy the show!