Life Without Crosses: Liverpool ace Andy Robertson shares quarantine schedule leaving everyone in splits.

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Liverpool and Scotland left-back Andy Robertson, known for his no-nonsense approach when it comes to the football field has a lighter side off the pitch. Robertson revealed his typical quarantine day schedule through a series of screenshots on Twitter which involved an unhealthy obsession over his full-back partner Trent Alexander Arnold, Major Missing of Virgil Van Dijk and much more.

The series of screenshots involved a number of daily reminders patched on the home screen of his phone. The ‘daily schedule’ of his begins with feeding the kids at 8 AM before calling Trent roughly 25 minutes later.


After the call comes the group yoga session with the ‘boys’ which follows with a self-rewarding can of soft-drink Irn Bru. Trent once again makes a mark on his schedule with a second call to make sure that the right-back is alright.

Other prominent entries in his schedule include texting defensive stalwart Virgil Van Dijk to let him know that he misses him. A brief look into James Milner’s Instagram account and a couple of more calls to Trent spread across the day.  Take a look at the schedule right below:


8am: Feed kids

8.25: Call Trent

8.30: Yoga with the boys

9.00: Irn Bru and rehydrate (you deserve it Andy)

9.05: Call Trent, check he’s OK

10.00: Grab another Irn Bru just in case

10.05: Scroll through Milly’s Insta

11.05: Gym

12.15: Lunch

13.15: Text Virgil to tell him I miss him

15.00: Call Trent again… just because

15.15: Watch corner taken quickly ‘cos Trent told me to

15.30: Go to garden and try to recreate it

19.00: Put kids to bed

22.00: Call Trent to say goodnight

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