Legendary runner Milkha Singh’s daughter is a doctor fighting Covid-19 in New York!

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Olympic medal winner Milkha Singh’s daughter and Jeev Milkha Singh’s elder sister, Mona is currently doing a heroic deed across oceans. Mona is currently tending to coronavirus cases in New York as an Emergency Room doctor.

Mona’s father used to run sprints during his day, but she is currently running a marathon with countless patients reliant on her.


Mona Milkha Singh serves as an Emergency Room doctor at the Metropolitan Hospital Center in New York. The situation is volatile in the United States with the virus claiming more than 40,000 lives. Ace golfer Jeev Milkha Singh shed light into Mona’s responsibilities and duties as a doctor, he stated:

“She is basically an ER (EmergeLegendary runner Milkha Singh’s daughter is a doctor fighting Covid-19 in New York!ncy Room) doctor in Metropolitan Hospital Center in New York City.


“So, when someone comes with the coronavirus symptoms, she has to treat them,”

“She checks the patients, stabilises them, performs intubation (insertion of artificial ventilation tube into a patient) before they are sent to special wards to quarantine the COVID-19 patients,”

Mona, currently aged 54, passed out from the Patiala Medical College before moving to the States where she has been working for the last 20 years. Jeev added that the family is proud of her with the work she is doing for humanity. He added:

“I am so proud of her. She says it is like running a marathon every day.

“She has been working five days a week, sometimes day shifts, sometimes night shifts, 12-hour shifts and it is tough but she has to do the job as best as she can.”

“We keep asking how she is feeling and if there are any symptoms.

“I tell her to stay positive and boost her immune system,”

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