Legal Trouble for Tennis Player Madhvin Kamath as Police file FIR for morphing a girl’s photo

Madhvin Kamath

Ahmedabad Cyber Crime has registered a case against internationally renowned tennis player Madhvin Kamath, who lives in Ahmedabad. According to the case filed against him, Kamath downloaded the photo of a girl he knew from Instagram morphed it and defamed her by writing escort service on the poster and putting the girl’s mobile number.

Madhvin Kamath defames a 22-year girl

According to the FIR, Kamath downloaded a photo of a girl he knew from Instagram, morphed it, and defamed her by writing ‘escort service’ on the poster and disclosing her mobile number. The girl, a 22-year-old resident of the Satellite area in Ahmedabad, started receiving calls from an unknown number, with the caller harassing her by labelling her as an escort.

The girl discovered the poster on Instagram after receiving these calls. The poster displayed her morphed photo with the caption ‘Call girl for entertainment’ and her mobile number. Distressed by the situation, she reported the matter to the Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Cell.

The police initiated an investigation and examined the CCTV footage from the locations where the posters were put up. The footage revealed a young man on a scooter pasting the posters. When the girl saw the footage, she recognized the man as Kamath, who was an acquaintance.

Currently, Kamath is in France to participate in a tennis tournament. The police plan to question him upon his return. However, there are concerns that he might evade arrest after returning to India. The Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Officer stated that the CCTV footage is the strongest evidence in this case.

Since he is an acquaintance of the girl, there is a suspicion that he has done this act to defame her due to some personal enmity. The investigation is still going on in this case. The victim had given an application to the police 20 days ago, after which the police investigated and an FIR was registered on April 23 after they obtained the CCTV footage.

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