LA Rams vs Seahawks Review

LA Rams vs Seahawks Review

On January 8th, 2023, the Los Angeles Rams clashed with the Seattle Seahawks. This matchup was highly anticipated, and it lived up to the hype. For prop bets, this was one to watch, but if you missed it, we’ve got you covered.

Week 18 in the NFL has been a busy one. NFC West has pitted these two against each other – both have dodged the odds this season – but Seahawks have been hot property this year.

Let’s see what happened when they met. Here is a flash review of the LA Rams vs. the Seattle Seahawks.

What Were the Predictions?

Rams came in after a loss to the LA Chargers, 31 to 10, with Baker Mayfield being stopped short of his usual prowess on the field. Seahawks, on the other hand, had just beaten New York Jets 23 to 6. Despite their reputation, many wagered on Seahawks coming out on top again.

Jordyn Brooks was missing from the line-up due to an ACL injury, and this left the Seahawks more vulnerable than usual. On the Rams, the attacking power of Mayfield, Higbee, and Jefferson seems like a safe bet.

The pre-game spread on had a +5.5 spread on Rams to lose. The money line for Seahawks was -240 and Rams +196. Top proposition predictions for Rams included Leonard Floyd over 0.75 sacks, Higbee over 43.5 receiving yards and Mayfield over 192.5 passing yards.

For Seahawks, the top prop predictions were Geno Smith over 240.5 passing yards, Tyler Locker over 52.5 receiving yards, and Smith again with 17.5 rushing yards.

What Happened at Game Time?

After the end of overtime, with both teams struggling, the Seahawks came out on top with a 19 to 16 win over the Rams.  On the offensive from the start, Seahawks sought to win by any means. In the first quarter, DeeJay Dallas made a 27-yard run from wild cat.

Props betters with wagers on Mayfield getting sacked chose well. Coby Bryant sacked the quarterback first, then Bruce Irvin darted in for the second. Mayfield got sacked again in the 2nd quarter and again in the 3rd. Both teams were straining for the lead.

In the 4th quarter, the Seahawks went three-and-out. Walker converted a field goal and Dereke Young made a 12-yard catch. Both teams were neck-and-neck at 16-16.

The game went into overtime, with the Seahawks winning the toss. They were three-and-out. Mayfield threatened but failed to clinch the points Rams needed. Walker made 2 final runs to the red zone. Seahawks finished with a 19 to 16 lead.

What Are Both Teams’ Current Standings?

After their victory, the Seattle Seahawks are second in NFC West with 9 wins to 8 losses. 49ers are in front with 13 wins and 4 losses, which is a tough one to beat!

Rams are now third, with just 5 wins and 12 losses. They have had better seasons, and Bobby Wagner missed his chance for a victorious return against the Seahawks. We will see what the future holds.