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Kofi Kingston blames The Big Show for sinking his chest with chops!


Recently, WWE legend The Big Show appeared on The New Day: Feel The Power. A variety of topics were discussed, including the famous ‘chops.’ Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston accused the legend of of hitting him with some extra stiff chops. According to Kingston, his sunken chest is the result of those hard-hitting offence by The World’s Largest Athlete. Xavier Woods then we called that even he was scared getting chopped by The Big Show.

Woods recalled: “For some reason, I felt the need to construct a situation where I got chopped on the back, like seven or eight times. It was hilarious though. [The Big Show] do have large hands though, the largest hands I’ve ever seen in my life and so everyone who’s listening, you obviously know being chopped is something that hurts and being chopped by Big Show is something that hurts way more than being chopped by anyone else. But then, when you take into account being chopped in the back by Big Show, one of the scariest times of my life was the first time [The Big Show] crept into the ring, my back is to [The Big Show] and I end up. ‘Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Come on! Come on!’ And it was so loud, but I didn’t feel a thing. He’s incredible!”

Big Show joked about picking wrestlers for stiff chops.

“There’s definitely a love factor that goes in [to] who gets chopped and how they get chopped. There are some, that get a great chop, and it’s loud, and it stings a little bit. Then, there are some that you’ll see come back that are lit up, and red, and bruised, and bleeding.” Big Show said, “well, apparently, somewhere along the line we had a disagreement.”

Kofi accused Show of sinking his chest with his chop: “You were talking about the reason for people getting hard chops and it’s based on, kind of, like, their attitude,” Kingston acknowledged. “And I wished that you would have told me that back in 2009 because I came out, I debuted in 2008, and you’ll remember, I had a nice, full chest. My chest was popping. Do you know what I mean? I go to do a pushup and my chest hits the ground. Do you know what I mean? I had a real, life chest. And then, [The Big Show] and I ended up having a match, and I got chopped so hard in the chest, and my chest has never been the same since.”

The Big Show recounted it as a receipt for a stiff kick. “Kofi came out there wanting to show his fighting spirit, which was making me crazy. And I’m in the corner turnbuckle and he tried to put my teeth through the back of my skull, which is great! I respect that [Kofi] want[ed] to make it snug. I like snug. Snug is what we do, but understand in our business there is something known in our business as a receipt. So [Kofi] bought that kick. Let me give [Kofi] the receipt along with it.”

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