Second leg of Khelo India Winter Games, featuring four exciting events, to be held in Gulmarg

Khelo India Winter Games would feature events such as Ski Mountaineering and Nordic Skiing.

The Kashmir leg of Khelo India Winter Games will feature four snow events and will be held in a ski resort at Gulmarg.

Khelo India
Khelo India Winter Games would feature events such as Ski Mountaineering and Nordic Skiing.


The first leg of Khelo India Winter Games were held in Leh. In the leg, which began on 2nd February, the organizers were able to hold Ice Hockey and Ice Skating events. Turmoil in weather, owing to the effects of El Nino, has had a tremendous effect on snowfall in India, with most of Kashmir, including Gulmarg, experiencing less than normal snowfall during a season when the entire region is usually painted white.

However, the recent weeks have seen Gulmarg finally return to its usual white wintry landscape, following two spells of snowfall in late January and early February. With the fortunate turn of events, the second leg of the games would be held in the popular tourist destination.



Four events would take place in this leg of Khelo India Winter Games: Ski Mountaineering, Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding and Nordic Skiing.

Ski Mountaineering is a physically demanding discipline combining mountaineering and alpine skiing. Participants ascend peaks using climbing skins, then ski down remote, off-piste terrain. It requires advanced skill, fitness, and avalanche safety knowledge. In Alpine Skiing, participants descend prepared slopes at speed and with precision. Participants utilize specifically designed skis and boots for control and maneuverability.

Snowboarding is a dynamic winter sport offering artistic expression and technical challenges. Utilizing a single snowboard, participants carve turns, perform aerial maneuvers, and navigate diverse terrain, including terrain parks, powder fields, and steep slopes.

Nordic Skiing is a term encompassing two main styles: Classic and Skate. Both utilize long, thin skis and flexible boots, allowing for efficient gliding across groomed trails or backcountry terrain. Classic involves a diagonal stride similar to cross-country running, while Skate utilizes a powerful pushing motion akin to ice skating.

Khelo India Winter Games is part of the government’s Khelo India scheme. The Khelo India program, launched in 2018, aims to revitalize India’s sporting landscape through multi-disciplinary competitions at youth and university levels. These annual events, spanning over 40 sports including indigenous disciplines, provide talent identification and development platforms for aspiring athletes under 21.

Scholarships, infrastructure upgrades, and coaching initiatives further bolster this nationwide endeavor. Khelo India strives to cultivate future sporting champions, promote inclusivity, and ultimately establish India as a global sporting force.


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