‘Bharat Ke Khel’ Takes Center Stage at The International Sports Summit Kerela 2024

International Sports Summit

The city of Thiruvananthapuram is hosting a one of a kind four-day International Sports Summit Kerela. It is India’s first hybrid sports event with multiple activities happening around the core summit. And is seen as an initiative to develop a sports ecosystem in the state. Greenfield Sports Hub is hosting the summit and it will conclude on the republic day.

Unique Mix of Sports And Business

Apart from the sporting events, the summit also features academic sessions where experts from various sporting sectors present studies and papers, an investors’ meet, and a forum where start-ups can brainstorm on the various facets that still need to be explored.

The summit is primarily aimed at creating a Sports Economy in Kerela, a sector which is only prioritized by only a few countries as one of the prime division for generating the revenue. The event also aim to create an atmosphere of sports, taking it to the grassroots where the infrastructure will aim to promote talent.

International Sports Summit
Arm Wrestling will be part of International Sports Summit. Source: X

Bharat Ke Khel

For the 1st time, this event will also see many forgotten ancient games like Golikali, Vadamvali etc. This is a bid to ignite the sporting spirit in the youth of the country. A highlight of the summit is Arm Wresting (an indigenous sport recognized by the Kerela government). Pro Panja League founder Mr. Parvin Dabas spoke about how sports are helpful for the development of the society and the economy.

He said, “Sports is changing the country. We are realizing the soft power it has in a country’s image building and economic growth.”

Talking about arm wrestling he added, “Panja is an indigenous sport of India. It is a very ancient sport and many countries claim it. That makes it both indigenous and international. What is great about the sport (Arm Wrestling) is that it has a very low financial entry point for the athletes and the youth.”

“We have been donating arm wrestling tables across the country to encourage community or as we call it Mohallah sports. We donate to schools and colleges as sports keep the youth away from other things.”

“We are the only league in country that is all inclusive. One single platform for all Men, Women and Specially abled athletes. In Pro Panja, they all get the same pay (as per the ranks) and same facilities.”

Pro Panja league is a big hit in the Indian domestic sports with it’s first season. As per the company, the Season 1 got 32 million unique views. And in terms of viewership per day PPL stands just behind the IPL and the Kabaddi league(PKL)

Parvin Dabas, founder Pro Panja League at the International Sports Summit Kerela

International Sports Summit kicks off with a Cyclothon

The International Sports Summit will kick off on January 23 with an action packed Tour de Kerala Cyclothon and Road Show. The rally will commence in Kasaragod and finish in Thiruvananthapuram.

This summit will also see the presentation of over 1000 project proposals that aims to boost the investment in Kerala’s sports dreams, along with conferences where 105 national and international experts will make presentations and highlights of which will help fine-tune the sports policy and implementation. It will also be a ground for research paper discussions, startup pitches, exhibitions, and a healthy food festival, among others.

All the District Sports Associations and Councils will be present to discuss the developing strategies to assist the sports development at the grassroots.

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