Joao Cancelo details surviving home robbery in December: It terrorised my whole family

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All Premier League fans are well familiar with the way Joao Cancelo breaks into the backline of the opposition, as well as stops any break in attempts from the opposition wingers However, the Manchester City full back made headlines in December last year for a break in that happened off the pitch, and it happened right at the Portuguese player’s home, as Cancelo and his family suffered a home robbery.

Stating that it had impacted his family negatively, Cancelo detailed the home invasion ahead of Man City’s UEFA Champions League draw against Sporting Lisbon at the Estádio José Alvalade, which ended in a 5-0 thrashing of the hosts by the English giants.

In the wake of Christmas Eve last December, Joao Cancelo became the victim of assault during a home invasion at his residence in Manchester. The robbery was carried out by four perpetrators, which Cancelo termed as “Cowards”, who stole some of his personal jewellery. In an attempt of self defense, the player was left with facial injuries.

In a statement on his Instagram following the attack, Cancelo revealed the injury he sustained, a cut right above his left eye, and also added that the robbers had also tried to harm his near and dear ones during the assault.

I know how to deal with this. But my family didn’t deserve to go through that: Joao Cancelo reflects on the home robbery 

Speaking to reporters ahead of the Lisbon match, Cancelo recollected the horrifying incident from December to reporters, which he was able to cope up with but says his family didn’t deserve the unnerving experience.

“That’s life. It happens in life. It was horrific. It terrorised my whole family,” said Cancelo, “I know how to deal with this. But my family didn’t deserve to go through that.”

Adding that the robbery incident had been one of many hurdles that have made him stronger as a player, Cancelo said he will not be absent on the pitch in City’s upcoming fixture against Lisbon.

“There have been lots of obstacles in my life and I’ve had to get over them,” the 27-year-old went on, “I’ve got to play on today. I’ve become a stronger player mentally. That’s how I want to keep going on.”

“However much I can drop my head, as much as people try and make me suffer, they won’t achieve it. I always like to try and think positively. That’s how I can lead my life in the best way possible,” added Cancelo. [H/T SkySports]


  • Man City full back Joao Cancelo opened up on the home robbery he and his family suffered in December stating that it terrorized his family
  • The four perpetrators had stole some of Cancelo’s personal jewellery and injured the player who fought back in self defense