Ishant Sharma credits golden advice from Aussie quick Jason Gillespie for career transformation

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The start of Ishant Sharma’s career in the Indian cricket scene was not smooth. Unable to impress critics, pundits and the selection committee, the pacer has been subjected to numerous slack in his early days. However, things have improved with the flow of time, and Ishant has laid the founding pillars of the current stout marvel of Team India’s bowling department. Recently, the 6 ft 5 inch giant has revealed the one person who guided him, and that is the legendary Aussie superstar Jason Gillespie.

Image Courtesy: AP/Getty

During yesterday’s Ranji Trophy game against Hyderabad at the Arun Jaitley Stadium, the Delhi seamer opened up about Gillespie, the man who guided him to his betterment.

“A lot of people would tell me that I need to increase the pace of my fuller deliveries. No one told me how to do that? It was when I went to play county cricket, Jason Gillespie gave me the solution,” Ishant spoke to Sportstar.

The Delhi Capitals star, Ishant joined Sussex in English country cricket last year, and received guidance from Gillespie, the 44 year old who is the current coach at the club.

The 31 year old revealed the valuable advice he received from the Australian legend: “Gillespie told me that in order to increase pace in fuller deliveries, you don’t just release it but hit the deck so that it should target the knee roll,”

However, Ishant also lamented that before Gillespie, all he received was criticism and dissaproval, instead of a proper guidance.

He continued: “The problem in India is that everybody tells you about the problem but no one tells you the solution. Now knowing the solution is an important aspect,” 

Ishant has earned 258 test and 169 ODI caps in his career, and made his debut in both formats in 2007 versus Bangladesh and South Africa respectively.In comparison, his T20 spell has been rather short, earning 21 caps since his last T20 appearance against Australia in 2013.

“I have realised that may be one or two people worked on the solutions. Problem everyone can tell you but one who is a good coach will tell you about solutions,” the seamer added.

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