IPL finals tickets sold out in just over two minutes


The IPL finals tickets were put on sale on Tuesday, and it was an absolute shocker for the BCCI as all the tickets were sold out in a little over 120 seconds. The tickets were gone in a blink of an eye for the finals on the 12th of April, Sunday.

The finals of this year’s IPL is on the 12th of May in Hyderabad.

This has upset the fans who are now doubting the accountability of the BCCI. The fans feel it is next to impossible for the tickets to be sold in just two minutes.

The fans are furious as the BCCI had not issued any prior notice about the tickets going on sale, on Tuesday. However, what followed was even worse, as the sale was announced through a flyer in the morning and the fans who logged in to buy these tickets were left high and dry, as the tickets flew away in absolutely no time.

When asked about this to an HCA committee member, he said, “How can all the tickets be sold in minutes? It is quite baffling and the BCCI has to give an answer for depriving the fans of a chance to watch the finals.”

The Hyderabad stadium where the final of the IPL is supposed to take place has a total capacity of 39000. On a usual day, 25000 to 30000 tickets are put up for sale. However, this time around, no one is aware of the number of tickets that were put up for sale.

Rs.1000, Rs.1500, Rs.2000, Rs.2500, Rs.5000, Rs.10000, Rs.12500, Rs.15000, Rs.22500 are the different ranges of the tickets that are put on sale on a match-day. However, on Tuesday, only the tickets of denomination Rs.1500, Rs.2000, Rs.2500 and Rs.5000 were put on sale, as reported by EventsNow.

So the obvious questions asked by the fans was about the availability of the tickets of the remaining denominations.

There were unsuccessful attempts made as well, just to find out the number of tickets that were put up on sale.

Sudheer Reddy of EventsNow said that they sold only the tickets that were given to them. BCCI should be giving the details, as they are not authorised to disclose the same.

“EventsNow or the BCCI should come out in the open and clear the air,” said an HCA official.



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