IOA Proposes Medical Insurance and Pension Scheme for Ex-Olympians

PT Usha

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has taken a significant step to support former Olympians by proposing a comprehensive medical insurance and pension scheme. Spearheaded by IOA President PT Usha, this initiative aims to provide financial assistance and secure healthcare for retired athletes.

IOA’s aid for former Olympians and their families

The IOA plans to introduce a robust medical health insurance program for all ex-Olympians. This coverage will help address health-related expenses, ensuring that athletes receive necessary medical care without financial burden.

In addition to medical insurance, the proposal includes a pension scheme. This initiative recognizes the contributions of former Olympians and aims to provide them with financial stability during their retirement years.

PT Usha’s idea was sparked when she met ailing Olympian Limba Ram, who had suffered a brain stroke. Witnessing his struggle for financial assistance, Usha realized the importance of supporting retired athletes. Limba Ram’s situation motivated her to champion this cause.

While appreciating Usha’s efforts, veteran Olympian Gurbachan Singh Randhawa emphasized the need for more. He highlighted that sportspersons’ spouses didn’t receive pensions after their deaths and urged for additional support in this area. Randhawa also suggested that the government allocate a portion of the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) budget to benefit former athletes.

The IOA’s commitment to ex-Olympians through these initiatives reflects a positive shift toward athlete-centric reforms within the organization. By providing both medical coverage and financial security, the IOA aims to honour the legacy of those who have represented India on the global sporting stage.

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