IOA Executive Council Declines High Allowances, Opts for Self-Funded Paris Trip

PT Usha

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has taken a commendable step by declining high allowances for its Executive Council (EC) members during the upcoming Paris Olympics. Initially, the IOA EC members were slated to receive a substantial daily allowance of $300 (approximately Rs 25,000) and an additional $1000 per day (around Rs 90,000) for accommodation during their five-day visit to Paris.

This allowance was significantly higher than what athletes were allocated—$50 per day—with an additional Rs 2 lakh sanctioned for each athlete who qualified for the Olympics.

IOA to ensure parity in daily allowance at the Paris Games

The stark disparity in allowances between council members and athletes raised eyebrows and prompted criticism. Recognizing the potential damage to their public image, the IOA EC convened to address the issue before the Indian contingent’s send-off ceremony.

In a laudable move, the IOA EC members decided not to accept the dearness allowance. Instead, they will make their own arrangements for travel and stay. Importantly, they emphasized that they are not reliant on government funds for their overseas travel, as all members come from financially stable backgrounds.

The EC consists of 15 members, including two representatives from the Athletes’ Commission. Their financial stability allows them to manage their expenses without depending on government funds. The decision to decline the high allowances reflects their commitment to transparency and fairness.

The dearness allowance (DA) amount was not increased to $300 from $150, as previously reported. It remained at $300, consistent with the Tokyo Olympics. The IOA EC clarified this point, dispelling any misconceptions.

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