India’s Best Young Talent In Sport


India’s Sports Culture

India is a hugely multicultural country that has had various international influences over the years. It’s no different within their sports arenas. While all major sports are played throughout the country, what is interesting about India is that because of its strong indigenous culture, there are also many tribal games played there. It’s certainly a place you can’t get bored in, especially on the field!

Promising Athletes 

Over the years, India has brought many promising and strong young athletes to the forefront, all of which are uniquely talented in various areas and have put the international spotlight on the country. It is a truly exciting moment in the Indian athletic world because the level of talent just keeps rising. Let’s see some of the best young athletes that are paving the way for India. 

Dutee Chand 

Hailing from a humble background and inspired by her sister’s support, Dutee became the first Indian to win gold at the World Universiade in Naples for the 100m race. Throughout her impressive career, she has broken records (sometimes even her own) and continued to set the path for future Indian athletes. Even though she has had to deal with controversies throughout the years (that she has been cleared of), she has continued to work hard at her sport throughout everything. In 2018, she won silver at the Women’s games in Jakarta for the 100m sprint for the first time in three decades. This is certainly an athlete to keep an eye out for in the near future.

Mayank Markande

He is a very promising leg spinner with a lot to offer. He has his eye on the prize and can certainly take a hit in the game of cricket. His first IPL season was stellar, showing his skills from the start, so much so that he was chosen to be a starting player for Mumbai over several other well-known names. This proved to be a good decision as he has held the purple cap various times. Although he has had a few bumps in the road, the horizon looks very bright for this talented player. 

The Sport of Cricket and Its Interesting Background

Cricket is a beloved sport with an interesting history. It was originally a game invented by children but over the years, adults began to play as well. The origins of the name are not fully known but it is presumed that the name is rooted in England, as this is where the game originates. When the English settled in India, they brought with them the game of cricket. The sport caught on and is now widely enjoyed across the country and beyond. 

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Navjeet Kaur Dhillon

She is one of two Indians who has won a medal at the World Championships for discus throw for her achievement of throwing 59.18 metres. She has won various awards in her career including the Indian junior title as well as the national youth title for her superb skills. She is also a track and field athlete. With all of this talent, she is sure to have a promising athletic career and represent India very well on the field.